Almost There

Down to 347.4 lbs – total of 92.8 lbs down and the full five months isn’t over yet. I would I love to be able to hit that 340.2 lbs mark by June 1st but It’s still not very likely.

By weighing myself daily, I’ve picked up on patterns and I’m in a long pattern of daily weight loss so I should see a gain any day know, which will put me into a up and day battle for a week or two until I have another long period of loss. On top of that, today is Friday and weekends always kill me- I don’t cheat but I always “snack” more than I need too. I’m going to try to focus really hard on this weekend with no sugar free candy or pop and as little snacking as possible. I may try to add some extra cardio instead of taking both Sat/Sun off…I’ve got that number in my site and I want to hit it.

Once I hit that 100 lbs mark, I get to drop my weighing to once per week…probably Saturdays and I will focus more on weights and less on cardio and more about transformation and less about weight loss.

Here are a few numbers that I thought were interesting over the last few months….these are the number of days I’ve me in a certain 10 lbs range of weight-

440s – 1
430s – 2
420s – 4
410s – 19
400s – 13
390s – 18
380s – 13
370s – 7 – this number is a bit off because I took two weeks “off” due to my appendix bursting
360s – 31 – this is when I hit my three week stall
350s – 20
340s – 2 (so far)

Based on these numbers, I won’t hit 340.2 lbs in the next 6 days but should hit it in early June. I plan to “go hard” the rest of May so I may surprise myself but I’m trying to be realistic.

Doesn’t matter either way…I WILL hit that mark and a year from now, I won’t be able to imagine myself weighing that much…the same as I can’t really imagine being 440.2 lbs.

Everything has falling into place and I really feel like Sharketo is just my daily life….I’m not really on “a plan”…this is just how/what I eat now. There is almost NO cravings for sugar and the cravings for sugar free candy is completely under control. I have way less cravings for fast food and I’m not triggered by commercials, smells or seeing it as much now either.

It’s getting harder to write stuff honestly because days keep going by but I’m sort of sticking to the same thing and it’s working, so the only real thing changing is my weight.

As far as food, it’s all about consistency and having a decent variety so you don’t get in a rut and having foods that you love so it doesn’t seem like torture.

As for exercise, it’s about consistency but also changing things up and not letting your body get to comfortable.

Today is day 145 of 2018 and I’m finally doing what I told myself I would do for the last several decades and it feels amazing! (yes, I was trying to lose weight in my teens.)

This year isn’t even half way over and I can’t wait to compare where I am on 01/01/2019 to where I was on 01/01/2018…it’s going to be amazing.

2018 has thrown everything it has at me and literally tried to kill me and I’m still making it the best year of my life.

It’s a shame it took me 40 years to get control of my life…but I’m doing it. It’s never too late.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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