Lies And Acceptance

The weight loss community, as a whole, lies to you and the keto community is a part of that….so many lies and so much BS that it sometimes turns people away and they give up.

Let me break down some truths for you….

1. Smashed cauliflower does NOT taste like mashed potatoes. You can put an entire stick of butter on them if you want but they are two different foods with two different tastes- get over it.

2. 99% of the “keto breads” you see recipes for are terrible no matter how amazing the folks say they are.

3. Lasagna made with veggies instead of noodles does NOT taste like actual lasagna.

4. Most of the “keto friendly” foods that you find recipes for are LOADED with calories or the portion size is so small, it’s not worth dealing with.

5. You CAN gain 7 lbs. overnight and YES it’s actual weight.

I want to focus on that last one there….I had a “cheat/carb up day” on Sunday and I gained 7 lbs overnight and 6 of those pounds are still there three days later. When you do something like that people try to tell you it’s not possible…all that BS about 3500 calories equals 1 pound…well, I assure you I didn’t eat 24,500 calories on Sunday. I did a ton of walking Sunday and let’s just say, for math sake, that I ate 7,000 calories- then that should have been 2 lbs. gained. I did a 24 hour fast directly after on Monday and then ate normally on Tuesday along with a ton of cardio and weights- my normal routine yet those pounds are still there- it IS actual weight. You step on the scale and that is what you weigh and it’s not just “water” weight that is going to slide right off…you are going to have to work those pounds off exactly how you would have if you were working off 7 lbs that had been there for years. On top of all of that- you know yourself out of ketosis and have to start all over so it’s twice as hard.

This is the frustration and annoying part and the part that usually sends me right back to the old me and I give up. One carb up day is going to set me back WEEKS…so YES…it’s real weight and YES you can gain a ton overnight.

I’m trying to do things differently this time- own up to my mistake and deal with it but I want others to understand just how big taking a “cheat/carb up day” is towards your overall journey; this isn’t a fair fight- it’s not one step back/one step forward type of shit. It’s work your ass off for weeks to drop 5 lbs and then gain 7 lbs overnight and then work your ass off twice as hard for weeks to get back where you were.

I can honestly say that the amount of energy I put in every day doesn’t really seem like it’s worth the reward- I fasted, ate perfect keto and worked my ass off to gain weight and that seems like I’m getting screwed.

So- I guess you could say I’m back to day one (well it’s day 3) of trying to get back into ketosis. What sucks is I did this right at the end of the month- a month where I stalled for most of it, so my monthly weight loss is going to be super lower and this week’s loss (the one week that is LONGER due to changing my schedule) is going to be my biggest gain of the year.

It’s frustrating, annoying, aggravating and flat out pisses me off because it’s such an unfair battle that you have to fight for the rest of your life- it’s 1,000 on 1 and you can move forward very small steps at a time but one time you let your guard down and you get pushed back for miles yet the world expects you to just pick up and continue to battle and continue to try to move forward and you see the miles that you have to go JUST to get back to where you were and you ask yourself if it’s even worth it.

This is reality of it- this is why so many people fail and why it’s not so easy to just “decide to NOT be fat anymore…”

I can honestly say that May has been a complete setback (not a failure) but thankfully it’s almost over and I can focus on getting shit back together in June and fighting my way back to where I was just a few days ago and then moving forward to hitting that 100 lbs loss goal. It seems the closer I get and the closer July 1st gets…the farther I actually get away….which doesn’t make any fucking sense at all.

Normal day today and then starting a 36 hour fast from 6pm tonight until 6am on Friday morning to try to get a good idea of exactly where I am- how much of May I can salvage and where I’m starting June.

My monthly weigh in is on Friday and my first weekly weigh in is on Saturday….it’s going to take a long time to teach myself to not step on that scale every single day but I have to get into the habit of just stepping on Saturday because this daily shit is killing me…honestly.

May has been successful for a few things though….it taught me that “cheat/carb up” days are NOT worth it and that I can’t continue weighing daily and be happy any longer.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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