Cliff Notes – Chapter Five

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Five – Struggle For Existence (May)

May was another rough month but I ended it with a very successful 36 hour fast and I hit my goal of 10 lbs lost for the month but just barely and at the very last minute- I ended the month with 10.2 lbs lost which is my lowest month of the year but I am only 6.8 lbs away from the 100 lbs loss mark and I still have a month to get it done.

I’m hoping for a big month in June because I messed up twice in May- once was to try to break that super long stall and the other was due to the pressure/stress of trying to hit that 100 lbs loss mark a month early and my body was just tired of the fight.

In May I decided to start only focusing on my weight once per week, instead of daily, in order to stay sane and unload some of the stress I was putting on myself.

I also messed around with my workout routine and I think I finally found something that really works for me- it makes me feel good after I do it and it’s fun and keeps me moving and makes me sweat like crazy. I’ve done the research and I know you shouldn’t do cardio on back to back days but I tried that and it didn’t work for me. Daily cardio works for me- with weight lifting 3 days a week.

My goals for May is about the same – at least 10 lbs lost and I really want to try to have no “cheat/carb up” days for the whole month so I can work towards becoming fat adapted and I really think not weighing everyday will help that. (I have yet to not weigh but I’ll get there)

Back when I really tried to lose weight, I dropped 112.8 lbs in 13 months and I think I could hit this in have the time while not hating the process or torturing myself so I can’t really complain.

I’m down a total of 93.2 lbs in exactly 5 months and I’m on a down swing and I have lost more than 6.8 lbs in a week 8 times this year so far….so that 100 lbs loss mark is just around the corner.

Now that I’m 5 months in, there isn’t really a lot to say….I need to stick to Sharketo eating, hitting the Sharketo Dojo 5 days a week and cut down on stepping on the scale; once I hit that 100 lbs mark my focus is going to change to transforming the fat and not just losing it and the scale won’t like that.

I feel amazing, tons more energy and I’m wearing cooler- way smaller clothes. I’m walking faster and riding the bike fast and it feels like I’m punching harder when I box. My weight is coming down, my clothes are getting smaller and I can honestly feel that I’m getting fitter.

I would call that a successful chapter.

SW – 440.2
CW – 347.0

On to Chapter Six.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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