I’ve Been Lying

I realized something that I’ve been doing yesterday and I really need to change the information I’m putting out there.

First- a quick update on my new schedule. I started taking Collagen Peptides (powder) in the mornings with my vitamins and I’ve started using Keto Feed (a meal replacement powder) for lunch on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and that stuff is amazing! I feel super full and the taste is incredible. I got the Samoa Chocolate Cream version and I mix it with Almond/Coconut Milk and its mind blowing!

I’ve taken everything to work so I can mix and drink through the day, which helps me get enough water and I can start taking my pre-workout/MCT right as I leave, so by the time I get home I’m ready to change and hit it.

On top of everything, once I put everything into my app (besides dinner), my MACROS are almost perfect. Carbs are at 5.4%, Fats are at 72% and Protein is at 22.6%. I’ll keep dinners within those MACROS and I should be good.

I’m really trying to think less about food and stop making food the biggest part of my life…which brings me back to my first sentence…let’s change something.

A lot of people are starting to notice the weight difference and I’m getting asked what I’m doing and I’m happy to explain to people exactly what I’m doing but I caught myself doing something yesterday that I wish I wouldn’t…I made the statement “it’s pretty easy.”

I know what I was trying to say- once you get into the routine and find the foods you can eat and have a decent size list- sticking to Sharketo starts becoming 2nd nature but it IS NOT easy- not any sense of the word.

I bust my ass 5 days a week (sometimes 6)- most weekdays I walk about 3 miles, hit the bike for 15-20 mins for another 3-4 miles, throw close to 500 punches at the bag and on 3 of those weekdays I lift weights. I end the day covered in sweat- with sweat dripping in my eyes and I stink! I bust my ass…but on top of that, I’m fighting cravings from everywhere- co-workers, commercials and facing shit like going to McDonalds to get our son something. I walk through the isles while getting groceries and see all the new flavors of stuff and it’s example hard to just “pick up” a snack while we are out shopping or something. Not giving a fuck is way easier…it was one of the highlights of my life to be able to walk into Wal-Mart and know I could buy anything I wanted to eat- cakes, cookies, chips….all of it.

Not everyone can do this….trust me, of all the people I’ve talked too and told about what I was doing….ZERO has done it and kept with it. My wife is trying her best but she hasn’t really been “keto” for weeks…if not months.

I’ve heard shit about how much people love bread or just couldn’t do it and they don’t and I’m tired of acting like it’s no big deal…it’s hard- it’s hard as fuck.

I put a lot of effort into it- from planning what I’m going to drink/eat, to logging it, to calculating….you have to try to force yourself to drink enough water daily. You have to try to not forget your vitamins an to load up on potassium and magnesium. I have to hit the bike, weights and boxing bag and wear yourself out and try to push yourself farther each time.

I can’t afford a personal trainer so I’m trying to push myself….I’m doing research to learn about keto, about MACROS and about exercises I should be doing. I watch videos, listen to podcasts and read articles almost daily. I have to go through “pot lucks” at work and being the only guy not eating all the cupcakes- even while people try to tell me “oh…one won’t hurt you.”

I’m down 93 lbs in 5 months and I’m going to hit 100 lbs and I’m going to keep this up until I do it without thinking and until I hit my goals and I’ve put the work in and it’s not to start seeing some success…I just need to stop acting like it’s easy or no big deal because it’s not.

I didn’t have a “kickstart” with surgery….I’m doing this- not a DR or a medicine but ME.

I’m becoming a Sharketo Master and that means something because I’m putting in the work to call myself that. Beast Mode ain’t shit when you hit Shark Mode and while I may seem like an asshole saying all this- that is 100% fine to me I know what I’m doing to get here and I know what it’s going to take to get where I want to be and it’s a long, hard road and it’s probably never going to get much easier.

I always wondered why “gym rats” and all these guys flexing in the gym seemed so conceited and now I know…this shit ain’t easy and I know, for a fact, that MOST people can’t do what I’m doing right now….well- they could- but they won’t and that is what makes the difference.

I’ve basically devoted my life to this (since 01.01.2018) and I’m putting in what it takes and I’ve earned the right to be proud of that and to not belittle it by telling me “it’s no big deal.”….it is a big deal.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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