What’s Hapfining 061118

It’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite….What’s Hapfining?????

This is just a way for me to quickly sum up what is going on in my life with everything- I’m down 96.6 lbs with my current weight setting at 343.6 lbs. I was up this morning thanks to “Sundays”! Sundays are always my worse day due to stress of visiting my mom in the hospital 1.5 hours away and I seem to snack all day…I just seem to always be hungry and it’s due to the stress- nothing else.

I usually stay up late on Friday and Saturday but this weekend I went to bed pretty early in hopes that getting plenty of sleep would offset the stress but no luck…but I’m OK with the temporary gain. I’m back on the 18/6 IF for this week with a 24 hr fasting day on Friday. Going to go hard on the cardio and weights and stick with my Keto Feed 3 days a week instead of food for lunch. I’m hoping that this is the week I hit that 100 lbs lost…I have a good feeling about it- of course, that is probably just setting me up for a gain week but I’m fine…I’ll get there.

There isn’t a lot really going on a this point- it’s Summer and Evan finished 6th grade with all A’s for the entire year and got several awards. We got him a new drum kit that he was pretty happy with…work is about the same as it’s been for 12 years now.

I’ve almost beat the new Shaq Fu game….I love the game but it’s really, really short.

Life, in general, is pretty awesome and I’m fighting day by day to lose weight and build muscle and it’s working and I feel great.

I am getting frustrated with clothes though…you would think they would have “standard” sizes but no 3x’s are the same size! I was wearing 4-5x and now I can wear some 2,3 or 4x. I have some 4x shirts that are huge on me and some fit. 3x is just a huge miss with some being big, some fitting and some being super tight. I tried a few 3x over the weekend and a couple of them wouldn’t even fit…while some off my NEW 3x shirts look baggy on me.

Come on guys….make all these shirts a standard size so we know what size we wear and don’t have to wonder if I order this 3x from the internet, will I even be able to wear it yet.

I’ll close on a good note…I’ve actually noticed bigger muscles and that is pretty amazing- I can see my biceps better, they look/feel bigger and I’m already starting to see some definition in my arms. It’s really nice when you can actually SEE the difference on your body….keeps you motivated even when the scale goes the opposite way.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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