100 lbs Gone

My first goal was to drop 100 lbs. in 6 months and I hit that. Here are the stats-

5.5 months.
23.5 weeks.
165 days.
100.2 lbs lost.
22.7% of my total weight lost.
50.1% towards my goal of 200 lbs lost.

The next goal is to hit the 118 lbs lost mark- that will put me past my most weight lost every (117.8 lbs in 2005…in 13 months!).

The goal after that is to get down to 295 lbs. which will be the lowest I’ve been since a freshman in high school (maybe middle school.)

And then on to 240 lbs (and maybe lower.)

When I first starting doing this- folks called it a fad. Then I started losing weight and folks didn’t really believe I was doing what I said I was doing- you could see it in their eyes. You aren’t losing all that weight by eating that much fat!!

Then, as I got closer to 100 lbs lost I got stuff like “well, it’s not sustainable….its’ quick weight loss and then you can go back to eating normal.” I also got my favorite “once you go off keto, you will just gain all of the weight back.”

First…what exactly isn’t sustainable about eating fresh meats, cheese and veggies? There is no “going back to eating normal”…this isn’t a diet, it’s a way of live…it’s lifelong changes to the way you look at food.

Second…they are 100% correct- if I stopped doing Sharketo and went back to “normal” eating bread, pastas, tons of sugar, lots of high carb crap and eating at fast food places 4 times a week…I would gain all of the weight back…AND THEN SOME.

I won’t always be on Sharketo….once I hit where I want to be, I’ll up the carbs a bit by adding a few pieces of fruit here and there and more veggies and I can’t say I will never eat a Big Mac again because that is non-sense but I’ve realized that those Big Macs need to be less than 5% of my yearly food intake…I’m talking, maybe 2 times a year (if that).

I’m not just losing weight- I’m researching and learning how keto works and why the body reacts the way it does. I’m changing the way I view food.

My first thought was “wooo hooo, I deserve a reward…I’m going to eat Raising Canes!” (I love that places.)

But then it hit me, that is the exact point I’m trying to get away from – food isn’t a reward. You don’t reward all of your hard work with something that is bad for you and going to set you back. Like I said before, I will eat Raising Canes again because it’s amazing…but I won’t eat it weekly like I did before.

So…my reward will be going to the Mexican place (also for Father’s Day….cuz I’m a Father) and getting my shrimp/chicken fajita with no beans, no rice and no tortilla and NO CHIPS. Just a plate of meat and veggies….MY GOD….so unsustainable!!!! How will I survive?

I’m over 50% of the way to my final goal and I’ve got a long way to go and it will only get harder with the more weight I lose. I’m changing my focus from the number on the scale to more weight lifting and transformation…..remember, Hulk Hogan weighted 303 lbs in his prime.

While I do have that goal of 240 lbs…..if I get healthy, turn a lot of this fat into muscle and feel amazing, I won’t worry too much if I hit it or not. Now that I can say I’ve lost over 100 lbs….I got that stress out of the way and it’s time to really focus on transformation and less on weight loss.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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