Day One

A lot of stuff has happened this weekend so let’s just get to it- I gained 2 lbs.

I’ve been sick since Wednesday- did get my workout in on Wednesday but not Thursday or Friday- thanks to bronchitis. I hit my 100 lbs lost on Friday and we went out for Father’s Day so I decided to enjoy myself (didn’t go crazy) but I did knock myself out of Sharktosis so it’s back to Day One and I’m 100% OK with that.

I didn’t go crazy and I had a few things I had been craving and was pleased to know that it wasn’t as great as I remember. The other thing is that I didn’t have any problem just turning the Sharketo switch right back on. The last time I “cheated”, it took days and days of failing to get back on track- it was like I just couldn’t go a complete day without bad food getting the best of me- this time was totally different. Yesterday, I got right back on track and I plan to stay there for the next 5 months, at least. We don’t really have anything special going on until October. Our son turns 12 in September but I can go without birthday cake. We celebrate our 15th year together on October 20th so I may break for something special and I know Christmas time will probably be rough as well but I need to go into 2019 under 300 lbs. I’ve got several smaller goals but that is the focus right now…seeing that 299 before 2019.

I know you aren’t supposed to have cheat days on Sharketo and I do understand why but you still have to live life and since this is something I plan to do the rest of my life, I understand there will be “days off” and that is why it’s called Sharketo because I’m doing what works for me- not just what helps me lose weight but what helps keep me sane and feeling renewed.

I feel like this is a fresh start and I’m just as motivated as I was back on 01.01.2018…probably more!

I refuse to be hard on myself anymore; yesterday was yesterday and today is the beginning all over again.

299…here I come!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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