Egg Fast 2

The last day of June is next Saturday and that gives me 10 days (counting today) to see how much weight loss I can squeeze into that first 6 months of 2018…right now I’m at 102.8 and I would love to hit 110 lbs…I’m not sure if that is possible the way I’ve been losing the last few weeks but I’m going to end it on an egg fast and we’ll see what happens.

I’ve got to be super strict this weekend and I’ll probably add some cardio on Saturday or Sunday for just a little extra push. Either way, I hit my first major goal of 100 lbs in 6 months and I’m already passed that with some time to add to it so I’m good.

The focus is shifting from weight loss to overall health and learning how to maintain once I get where I want to be- the main goal was to drop 200 lbs and hit 240 lbs but seeing others in my situation, I do believe I could get lower than that but we’ll focus on how I feel when I get there. I still have 97 lbs to lose and a long way to go but I’ve got the plan in place to get there…I need to start focusing on a plan to STAY there once I get there…that has been my set back in the past.

“Woo hoo…I’ve lost 100 lbs now I can go back to eating what I want!!”

I can’t think like that- I will probably add some more carbs coming from veggies and more fruits and try to keep it between 30-50g of carbs with a little more protein and a little less fat- it won’t be a true Sharketo MACRO but it’s going to be switching from being focused on weight loss and I feel that is the right way to do it- I won’t be doing that for probably another 6-12 months but I need to have it in place so I know exactly what to do and don’t get caught in a spiral downfall.

I’m going to be posting some of my favorite egg recipes over the next week- recipes that we actually make and actually eat!

Let’s hit this egg fast on June 24th and end the half of year on a high (well….low!) note!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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