It’s Not Hard…Really

A lot of folks have a hard time with the concept of Sharketo…they think it’s too expensive or they don’t understand what I’m eating exactly- so let’s go through some stuff.

First- it can be expensive but doesn’t have to be…that is why I do Sharketo. You have your Keto Nazis who yell about grass fed only and blah…blah…blah. Grass fed is great but it’s way more expensive and Sharketo is about adapting keto to fit YOU. We by the cheap hamburger, sometimes we buy the non-grass fed butter and we usually buy whatever meat is on sale that week and it’s rarely grass fed.

We try to limit the process foods but we still eat pepperoni and those pre-packaged deli meats- some people have a hard time with reality; they just focus 24/7 and all of their energy and money on getting healthy and that is great but the rest of us have bills, jobs and a life and we have to make everything work and that is what Sharketo is- it may not be “the best” but it works. I’m down 111 lbs. in less than 6 months without being a Keto Nazi.

I’ve actually found that we usually spend less on groceries now because we are eating less- once you get into ketosis and get fat adapted- your energy goes up and your hunger goes down. Once you get fat adapt and start doing the intermittent fasting you are usually only eating 1-2 meals a day. Trust me, before this we were eating out all the time and spending hundreds on empty calorie junk food that just keeps you hungry and wanting more empty calorie junk food.

On our last cheat days we spent more than our weekly grocery money just on the junk/restaurants that we ate for 2 days!

Now…let’s just go over a normal day for me so you can actually see what I’m doing.

I usually get up about 6am and get to work by 7am. I have either an energy drink (usually BANG) or coffee. We don’t do the Bullet Proof Coffee and lost up on calories and fat because I fast between 6pm and 12pm. We use vanilla almond/coconut milk and some sugar free syrup so the coffee is about 30 calories or so.

Once I get to work I take- Fish Oil, B12, Iron, Potassium and my multivitamin and start drinking water.

I eat lunch at 12pm and it’s usually some pepperoni slices dipped in low carb pizza sauce with broccoli and ranch dressing. I may have some lettuce wraps with deli ham/turkey, some cheese, mustard and mayo with broccoli and ranch- sometimes a cheese stick or little Babybel circle. Before I eat lunch, I drink Collagen mixed with 8 oz of water.

About 3:15 I drink a mix of pre-workout and MCT oil- this provides health fat and the energy I need to start working out when I get home about 4pm. When I get home, I eat a couple fiber gummies.

My workout is 30 mins of cardio- bike/boxing mixed 5 days a week with weight lifting on Mon/Wed/Fri. I also walk about 60 mins 5 days a week.

We have dinner sometime between 5-530pm- sometimes we have steak with green peppers and onions cooked in the air fryer with sour cream and cheese added. We may have a taco salad (no chips) or we may have quick dinner of some hot dogs and Skyline Chili with cheese on top.

I stop eating at 6pm and take my allergy pill and Magnesium before bed.

Sometimes, if we want something sweet we go with sugar free candy or mix some sugar free chocolate chips with some peanut butter.

If we do snack, it’s usually on pork rinds or Think Thin bars or some mixed nuts.

Right now I’m on an egg fast so I usually just throw some ham, green peppers/onions, cheese, butter, 3 eggs into a bowl and microwave it for about 4 minutes and BOOM….amazing and perfect keto. Got some great protein, some veggies, some healthy fat and it’s filling.

Sharketo can be as simple or complex as YOU make it because it’s all about YOU.

Regardless of what the Keto Nazi says…remember…..keto is simply a state that your body goes into where it’s burning carbs for fuel. Some folks will say “that’s not keto!!!” because they think keto is a way of eating or a diet…but it’s not….it’s a process that your body gets into.

My biggest advice is simple – take your time at the grocery store and read labels and understand what an actual “serving” is…once you start finding Sharketo friendly foods that you like, add them to your permanent list.

The process gets easier….the cravings go away and your food preference does change it just takes time and patients. After a few months, you won’t be hungry- you’ll be full of energy and you’ll go from craving bread and junk to craving some of your favorite Sharketo foods.

And…YES….you can have a cheat day but keep it to every few months and keep it to one day and understand that it will knock you out of ketosis and you will have to start the process all over again so the longer you can go without a cheat day the better.

But let’s be honest….you can’t say “I’ll never eat full sugar birthday cake again!!!” and if you can, that’s great but that ain’t a life I want to live and Sharketo is about finding a balance that I can stick with for the rest of my life.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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