Cliff Notes – Chapter Six

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Six – Big Bang II (Jun)

June has been the weirdest month of my life- you think you do enough research and you understand the science of what you are doing and why it works. You start weighing yourself daily and you can start telling what causes you to gain and loss…you start picking up on little clues and you get to where you can pretty much guess exactly what your weight is going to do and then BOOM….stuff starts happening and you don’t have a clue why….that is where I am.

While I have been steadily losing, I’ve also hit some long stalls and gained here and there and I barely hit my 10 lbs monthly goal in May so I thought the weight loss was slowing down but June has blown my mind.

I had some crazy numbers for June but…here is the crazy part….it’s been a rough month as far as food. I hit the 100 lbs lost mark around Father’s Day so I took the weekend off and braced for the impact…but it never came- I maintained my weight. I got right back on track and hit the gym everyday the following week but then had some stress issues the following weekend and AGAIN took 2 days off and ate whatever I wanted and I actually LOST weight!

The wife and I had just about everything we could think of- stuff we hadn’t had all year and, honestly, most of it didn’t taste all that great and it was just “good”…I wasn’t really impressed and THEN, I had no issues turning that switch off and getting right back on track the next day and hitting the gym. I did keto for about 5 months with almost no screw ups so maybe my body got fat adapted and a few screw ups here and there isn’t going to be the big of a deal anymore. The plan is to not screw up again until our anniversary on October 20th. Based on myself though, it looks like a few cheat days every 4-5 months is actually really helpful to me but the problem is- a lot of that stuff just isn’t good to me anymore and that is 100% honesty.

I love Pizza Hut and we ordered a pizza and it was made perfectly…but there just wasn’t the same taste. I was craving it so bad and then I got it and it was just “eh” and it’s not like it was made bad…it was honestly perfect…just didn’t have the same effect. The same goes for some of the other stuff we had like cookies and candies. We had OREOs for the first time in FOREVER and they didn’t even have the same texture.

All the tastes that I remember don’t really exist any longer.

This is all amazing because it’s going to help to stay on track for longer periods of time and keep me from returning to the old me and I’m happy about that.

I’m now down 110.8 lbs since 01.01.2018 and I’ve lost 25% of my total weight which means I’m over 50% of the way to my final goal!

It’s been an amazing 6 months and I can wait to see where the next 6 months takes me….I’m even wearing some of my size 48 pants (down from size 56!)

SW – 440.2
CW – 329.4

Now we start the 2nd half of 2018…on to Chapter Seven.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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