I Don’t Care

….OK…maybe a little.

I took a few weekends off this month and paid the price of gaining 18 lbs- even though I still worked out during the week. Normally- that would have killed me and I would have given up but I knew that wasn’t a legit weight. I’ve weighed myself daily this entire year and I know about what it will be based on what I’ve done that last few days. Even though I’m weighing myself daily (still)- I only really focus on the weekly weight.

I didn’t “chart” last week’s weight because it wasn’t “real”- a lot of it was food and water weight and I’ve proved that to myself. I didn’t let the number on the scale get to me, I got back on Sharketo and continued to hit the dojo and in the last 3 days I’ve dropped 10 of the 18 lbs….which isn’t “real” either. This is what you get when you see those claims on diet pill boxes- “Lose 10 lbs in just 5 days!!!”. Yea, you aren’t losing weight…even though you are. It’s a scam. Just like if I come and brag on here that I’ve lost 10 lbs in just 3 days and you can too….if you buy my program!

It’s all bullshit.

On top of that, I’m a different person now. I saw that huge gain and it sucked but I understood what it was and why it happened. I took control and stopped it and I’ve re-evaluated my future goals based on basically taking 2 weeks off.

I’m fine with it. This isn’t a diet; it’s my lifestyle.

NOW…while I don’t care as much what the scale says- I feel great exercising, I love boxing and I’m wearing 2x/3x shirts from Wal-Mart and feel amazing…however, I do still have some weight loss goals to hit.

My goal for the rest of 2018 is to lose 2 lbs per week- I’m going to try to get back to 330 lbs by this Saturdays weigh in and then start with the 2 lbs per week from that point- this would put me at 158 lbs lost in 2016 and down to my middle school weight of 282 lbs or so.

I also have a “bigger goal”- this is what I’m going to push myself to do but if I don’t hit it…I’m OK with it. I plan to hit the average of 2 lbs per week but I’m going to be pushing for 3 lbs per week.

For the first part of 2018, I averaged 4.26 lbs lost per week and I know it gets harder as you go but I think 3 lbs is doable…but 2 lbs is reachable- if that makes sense.

If I could average 3 lbs lost per week for the rest of 2018- that would put me at 182 lobs lost and I would be setting around 258 lbs.

My lowest, that I can remember, was back in 2005 when I dropped a ton of weight and got down to 295.8 lbs. I do know I was around 200-250 lbs during my 8th grade year because I played football for my middle school and had to wear our high schools jersey and helmet.

Goals aside- I have lived up to my hype for 2018 so are and I’m a changed man- not only am I losing weight but I’m looking at food differently, focusing on my weight differently and not allowing some huge setbacks destroy the entire journey. I made a lot of promises to myself over the last couple of decades and it’s truly heartbreaking that I didn’t start keeping them until I hit 40 years old but the fact is- I am. I’m not going to lie to myself- there will be future setbacks but I’m learning to work through them and just continue on and not look back or go back.

The one promise I can make to myself is that I will NOT be 400 lbs again….period. I will NOT allow that to happen because that would be a death sentence at this point. This is an everyday battle and I will win some days and lose some days but the war isn’t over until my wife turns my ashes into a ring or a tree or something.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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