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08.01.2018 starts a new story….same book.

From 08.01.2018 to 04.08.2019 (my mom’s birthday) gives me exactly 250 days to reach my overall goal of 200 lbs total lost…I’m currently at 110 lbs. lost.

I need to lose 90 lbs. in 250 days.

That is roughly 11.25 per month or 2.52 lbs per week.

Starting on 01.01.2018, my goal was to drop 10 lbs per month and I averaged 18.33 lbs per month over the first 6 months of 2018; with a weekly average of 4.23 lbs.

That 110 lbs lost is over… new focus is on the next 250 days. The next 90 lbs.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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