Cliff Notes – Chapter Seven

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Seven – Recovery (Jul)

Chapter Seven can be named nothing BUT “Recovery”- it’s been one of the worst months of my life but I’m ending the month down .4 lbs.

I can NOT tell you how proud I am of that. I’m more proud of that .4 lbs than I am of the other 110.8 lbs lost.

I named 2018 “Mass Evolution” because that is what I’m going through- both physically and mentally and the old me, the pre-evolution me, would have used July as a perfect excuse to give up and return to who I was.

June ended the first six months of my evolution with 110.8 lbs lost and a ton of changes that can’t even be described and I decided to take a “cheat day” to celebrate- why would putting all of that bad food back into my body be considered “celebrating”??? I’m not even sure myself; however, that day turned into 4 days and a weight gain of 18 lbs and pure devastation of just how quickly I let all my hard work go and how quickly my addiction came back.

But I recovered- I caught myself and fought my ass off to drop that weight (mostly water weight, etc.) and got down to 328.6 which meant I had lost weight for the month and still had about 2 weeks left to July some type of success.

On July 20th, my mom passed away and I again turned to my addiction and while I tried to fight back with fasting, I lost control again…but this time I allowed myself to do it without being angry about it. I went to Giovannis Pizza- a place my mom always took me as a kid. I stopped by Burkes in Danville and got those amazing brownies that my mom would stop and get on the way to school or when we were stripping tobacco. I went to one of her favorite places- Long John Silvers and I sort of took a food journey to remember her and I was OK with that.

I tried to fast the day of the funeral but all the stress led to a headache and cravings and I gave in again but the day after, I got back on track and I recovered. I had gained 10 lbs and I spent the last few days of July working my ass off for that .4 lbs and to get back on a routine and to fall in love with Sharketo all over again- from the food to the exercise to the boxing to the overall it made me feel better and like I was accomplishing something. We made an amazing Sharketo cake that will replace any cravings I have for something like that and I got back where I was at the beginning of July.

I recovered.

-I recovered from a binge that brought on 18 lbs
-I recovered from one of the most stressful things a person ever has to do- burying their mother.
-I recovered burying my mother as the only child or person that could handle the entire load of stress since my dad left when I was 2-ish and it was only my mom and I or 40 years.

I recovered.

Honestly- July was the most important chapter of this book so far; it taught me that I am evolving and I’m no longer who I was- I can deal with one of the most stressful situations a person has to face and recover from it and not allow it to complete end my journey. I proved that I can see an 18 lb gain on that scale and not let it get to me. I threw everything I had to destroying what I’ve built and the universe tag teamed that effort with me but I’m still standing…I’m still motivated and I’m stronger than ever because of it.

The last night of July we had to take our son for his 7th grade open house right after work and then we wanted to watch a movie, which messed with my workout schedule. The old me would have just missed and picked back up the next day….the new me was down in the Sharketo Dojo at 9:45pm working out- cardio and boxing.

SW – 440.2
CW – 329.0

I spent Chapter Seven trying to recover….Chapter Eight is all about moving forward.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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