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Zero of any stars….complete scammer.


UPDATE August 10th, 2018 – We filed a small claims action against Aaron Daniel McNew with a certified letter since he lives several counties away- he simply didn’t pick up the letter and we’ve realized he’s been sued enough over this stuff to realize that as long as he doesn’t pick up the letter then he doesn’t have to actually show up to court and the court system/law will do nothing to him. The next option is to pay the sheriff to hand deliver the letter; however, since he’s been sued several times before he understands that if he just doesn’t open the door then they can’t actually serve him. The system seems to be set up in his favor…it’s set up to allow assholes like this to scam people and get away with it.

He also blocked me because he things I can’t continue to post about his scam on Facebook but I can create new Facebook accounts all day long and I will continue to promote this until every single person in Kentucky understands that he is a piece of shit person and to not work/deal with him in the future.

UPDATE July 4th, 2018– We had to pay another guy $200 to remove the tree; once they started removing the tree we realized that when he pulled the tree down- instead of pulling it down into the grass, he pulled it down onto our drive way creating this huge hole.


#ScamAlert #ScamAlert I contacted Aaron Daniel McNew (Owner of A & D Excavation and Tree Service) on Saturday June 23 at 11:14am about cutting down a Pine Tree. I sent him pictures and he gave me an estimate of $450. I felt he needed to see the tree in person for a more accurate estimate. We arranged for him to come by on Monday, June 25th at 5:30pm to look at the tree in person. He got there 40 minutes late, arriving at 6:10pm.

He looked at the tree and decided it was bigger than he thought, based on the pictures, so we agreed on $500. He had told me over Facebook that it would be $10 per foot and since he estimated the tree to be 60 ft in person, he was giving me a break. After he left, I talked with my wife and we messaged him and told him we would pay the $600 because we thought that was fair. He did say $10 a foot and it wasn’t fair that he had tried to give us an estimate based on a picture.

He wrote back “I’m not going to argue…God will bless you!”

We decided they would come at 9:30am on Thursday, June 28th, they arrived around 10:45am.

My wife came home from work at 1:15pm on Thursday, June 28th and they had the tree cut down and was in the process of cutting it up. He said they were “finishing up”. Since we wouldn’t be home from work for another 4 hours, my wife went ahead and gave him the check for $600. (Huge mistake.)

When we arrived home that evening, the tree was still laying in our drive way. He sent me a message stating that his “big saw broke” so he would return on Friday, June 29th to finish the job.

He cashed the check around 3:30 on Thursday, June 28th. When my wife left, they left and he went directly to cash the check and never returned.

I sent him messages on Friday, June 29th at 10:30am and again at 11:52am because no one had shown up to finish the job. He finally sent a message back at 12:03pm stating “I’m trying to find this plastic piece I need.” – nothing else. I sent him a message at 2:48pm, 5:53pm and 9:21pm asking for updates with ZERO response.

The last message that I sent on Friday, June 28th at 9:21pm said – “are you gonna be able to get the rest of this tree tomorrow?”

He responded to that message at 12:19pm on Saturday, June 30th with – “Yes, I bought a new saw today when it cools off I’ll come finish cleaning up sir.”

I sent him a message telling him thanks and I understood.

No one showed up on Saturday when it cooled off.

I sent him another message on Monday, July 2nd and explained to him that we really needed the tree cleaned up that day. We were having a Fourth of July party on Wednesday to celebrate owning our first home for a year and we couldn’t do that with the tree blocking our drive way. I sent him messages at 7:15am, 9:35am and 1:16pm and he ignored them all. My wife and I both tried calling him but he ignored those calls as well.

It is now Tuesday, July 3rd and the mess is still there. We are now trying to find someone else to clean up the mess they left and plan to press charges for theft by deception against him and sue him in small claims court to get some of the $600 we paid him since he did not complete the job.

He is clearly aware of the situation and us being unsatisfied with it because I left a comment on the picture he posted of them cutting down our tree, on his Facebook, and he quickly deleted it.

I sent one last message on July 3rd at 8:42am to give him a chance to finish the job today and as of 12:36pm the tree is still there.


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