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I wrote this back in 2016 and I still love it as much as I did then- over those last 2 years my charity has grown, my site has grown, I’m down 114 lbs and I’ve gotten another promotion at work. All good things that came to me based on hard work. My mom passed away earlier this year due to a lifetime of smoking and bad health. Life continues being life.


If you post about religion, politics or just ignorance in general- I will usually say something- make fun of you, argue with you and then rip you apart with logic, common sense and facts….I’m an asshole that way.

HOWEVER, I try my best to keep my mouth shut when it comes to personal stuff because I understand that I can come off as an asshole, even when I don’t mean to be and my goal is, honestly, to never really hurt your feelings but to just guide you when you are wrong.

When people post about dying loved ones or someone who has just died and gone to heaven- I don’t leave a comment explaining to them that they are wrong, even based on THEIR Bible. The Bible clearly states that when Jesus comes back, all the souls will rise up from the graves for the great judgement day, where they will either go to heaven or hell…and that hasn’t happened, so they aren’t up there watching you masturbate and they aren’t down there begging for a cool glass of Kool-Aid. The fact is, neither of those places exists, but even if they did, based on THEIR own book….heaven and hell is mostly empty.

If you post about relationship troubles, I don’t say much because my opinions don’t matter…it’s not my life- I do wish the best outcome for everyone I know, regardless of what they may be.

Yesterday, a friend posted a very heartfelt post (no names needed) and she poured her heart into it and I really feel bad for her situation and hope the best outcome is reached. There were, of course, tons of folks leaving the “praying” comment….which doesn’t make sense, because if you believe in the Christian god then you know everything is already planned out so praying is either asking him to change the plan or supporting him like a cheerleader and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need that.

There was one comment that stuck out and it bugged me, but I wanted to keep my mouth shut..but as the night went on, it ate away at my brain and now I have to say something…so, sorry if I personally offend this person- that is not the intent.

The comment was – “without god, everything falls apart.”

Nothing sums up the religious industry like that statement…but, like all religions, it’s wrong.

From the time I can remember, I was going to church and not just going but truly believing in it! I got baptized, I took my Bible to school and read it, study it. I went to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night and took it all in…I was a child of Yahweh.

During those years, I was raised in the projects on welfare; my mom was awesome but that is all I had. I was picked on daily, to the point of hating myself. Kids would say that the bus was going to tip over when I got on, ask me what size bra I wore and every other type of fat joke you can think of. The kids I went to church with were “nice” to me while at church but then made fun of my when they weren’t trying to fake being good kids for god.

During that time, I talked my mom and her friend into going to church with me a couple of times….it didn’t impress my mom much but her friend was SAVED! It changed her life, she got baptized and went all out nut job. I remember one time, this guy had just gotten out of prison and he came to the church for help and she helped him…they started talking and got married a few weeks later, honestly, because she couldn’t have sex with him out of wedlock. I can tell you that it was just a terrible situation and he was found a few months later, dead in a lake….and I’m not making any of this stuff up.

This girl is STILL a nut job but she has been there for my mom and she is a good person. A few months ago, I was talking to her about my mom’s issues and she was telling me how she has had cancer twice, her back and hip is just completely messed up, she barely makes any money cleaning houses and is flat broke but she has to figure out a way to “catch up on her tithes”. This lady’s son moved away and won’t help her, she barely gets to see her grandkids and is going through all this and she is worried about making sure her god gets his 10% that she owes him????

I honestly feel guilty because I’m the one that got her going to church; I feel like her situation is my fault.

Around the age of 15, I realized that Christianity was a scam- from reading the Bible, to talking to my pastor about preaching (which I actually did, at that church…about FAITH!). I’ve written about my conversion before but it all added up to bullshit and I realized it on my own.

I had a rough few years, as most kids do. I didn’t do great in school or college; I worked at Burger King and struggled. I argued and treated my mom like crap and went through several years of really bad stuff but then I grew up. I found my amazing wife, got a decent job and worked my way up and we had a great kid.

Sure, our son is annoying at times but he does well in school and he is an extremely sweet, loving kid. My marriage is amazing and has been for 13 years now; I’ve been at the same job for over 12 years and moved up greatly. I’m happy and my life is pretty amazing. I started a small project 4 years ago that has turned into an international charity and it gets bigger every single day.

Nothing fell apart over the last 23 years of being without god; things only got better.

Sure, we’ve been through some crappy times with death, sickness, money issues, car troubles, personal issues but those come with LIFE….it has nothing to do with any make believe god(s).

Please understand that, sometimes, life is bad to good people and good to bad people. Things get rough, things get better but none of it depends on any type of fictional character pulling puppet strings.

Your destiny is not pre-determined and it’s not controlled- the choices you make every hour of the day guide the next day…and the next.

This is YOUR life and you only have one…there is no great life after this- there is no heave or paradise and happily ever after- we all die and are simply no more.

Christianity was built are making people believe that “it all falls apart without god” because that keeps the cash flowing and the customers coming and keeps the business of ignorance going strong.

I’m proof that it doesn’t all fall apart without god and have been for 23 years…but guess what. My car could quit today, my mom could die tomorrow, I could get cancer next week…but none of it would be because I stopping believing in bullshit 23 years ago…it would be because that is LIFE.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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