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Last weekend was a disaster and I realize that and I’m doing my best to learn from it…I got back to Sharketo on Monday and I’ve been there ever since and I already have that “amazing” feeling that we know and love. If you have done Sharketo (or any form of keto really) then you know that feeling of just pure awesomeness- which is another example of the power that carbs, sugars, etc have over you….you allow yourself to screw up and eat food that isn’t even that good and lose that amazing feeling…just for that “hit”. There is honestly no fucking reason for it. Period.

I think I’m finally done with it; I can’t think of a single food that I would want to cheat with and I know that will change when a craving hits- I just need to work through that and not give in…this back and forth crap has to stop because it’s not healthy.

Sharketo is life and that is the way I have to focus from this point on. If it’s not Sharketo, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve had several cheat days so far and I’ve tried every single food I thought I was missing and nothing tasted the way I thought it would…the way my cravings told me it would. I need to burn that into my memory and remember that not only will it not meet my expectations, I’m going to be set back and lose this amazing feeling and I can’t let that happen….there is just no reason to allow it at this point.

The good news is that since I’ve been doing this for so long, that huge 1.5 cheat days only resulted in about a gain of 1 lb and I should still show a weight loss for this week…as well as the month.

One of the biggest things to remember after losing control is that 1 day or 1 weekend is NOT going to destroy all of the hard work and you just have to recover and continue and not let it destroy you. Last month I had a weekly GAIN of over 18 lbs- sure, mostly water weight and almost a week of cheating but I didn’t let it stop me- I recovered and I’m down way lower than I was…you can overcome ANY cheat period.

While the cheat days have set me back, I have forced myself to use them as learning experiences and that has really helped…I haven’t gotten down on myself- I’ve looked at why and how I feel afterwards and what I actually got from it and that is going to help going forward.

I still have that huge motivation and I got this. I’m eating right, exercising and killing it- my first 5K is a little over a week away and I’m considering that my “starting point”- it should be the highest 5K time that I ever have because it’s my first one- it will only get better from there and I do plan on doing a few per year.

There is 4 months left this year and I can still drop a decent amount of weight before it’s over.

I really want to be a motivational speaker or something…I want to tell people that you can go from being a miserable 440 lbs lazy guy to having energy, being motivated, being happy and changing things you didn’t even realize needed to be changed- I never realized how bad I felt or unhappy I was until now.

So many people use the “cliché” but it’s fact- if I can do it, anyone can do it. I can’t express how much I love food and the complete control it had over me or just how much I hated exercise and how I looked at it as pure torture.

2018 has truly been a turning point or me and it kills me that it took me 40 years to figure out and to work on and I want younger people to understand it…I want my son to understand it and I haven’t figured out exactly how to get him (or others) to get it but I’m trying to be the example.

“Hey…I’m Mr. Sharky….LOOK AT ME!!!!!”

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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