New Schedule

I killed the first 6 months.

Then July was rough and August was just up and down but I’m finally on track in September….however, I lost 110 lbs in the first 6 months but only 10 lbs in the last 2.5 months… play time is over.

I wouldn’t call the last 2.5 mains unsuccessful because I had a ton of cheat days, went through some stressful situations and still managed to lose 10 lbs and not gain it all back…plus I finished my first 5K and dropped to size 46 pants and I’m wearing ALL 3x shirts with a few 2x sprinkled in. It’s been highly successful but not where I want to be.

New schedule starting Monday….going to start doing “two a days”!

I don’t want to stop doing my cardio and boxing because I believe that is where I burn the most fat and I really enjoy the boxing but I don’t have enough time to really focus on weight lifting and I feel I really need to do that to continue building muscle and toning.

Here is the plan –


5:00am-6:00am – 5 minutes on the bike, doing HIIT every 30 seconds, followed by 3 minutes “round” of boxing with a 2 minute rest period. 6 sets which is 60 minutes.

I’ll be walking on breaks and lunch which is 60 minutes.

4:00pm – 5:00pm – a couple of stretching exercises, maybe 5 minutes warm up on the bike but mostly focusing on weights. I’m looking at starting with a program recommend by The Keto Guy (awesome guy!) created by Jim Stoppani but I am going to have to adjust it a bit to fit my home gym. Up until know I have been doing some weights here and there but nothing really serious because I felt like cardio should be the main focus but now I’m down 120 lbs and it’s time to focus on muscle. This should be about 60 minutes.

SO…I’m going to be “working out” about 3 hours a day but it’s not really going to seem that way because of the way it’s broken up. I think forcing myself to get up early and work out is going to start my day better and allow me to get going and not feel so groggy. I get home about 1.5 hours before my wife so that is the perfect time to blast some music and just lift heavy things and the walking is good family time. The walking at work is a great way to break up my day because I just set at a computer all day and that is a death sentence.

A couple of nights, after dinner, the family will be going to the park and walking…I don’t want to really schedule that due to things like the weather and life getting in the way…it’s mostly just a way to get out of the house, play Pokemon GO and enjoy he world around us.

As far as weekends- I really just need to focus on doing the 20/4 fasting and worry about not going overboard with food- exercise is NOT a concern on weekends…food is the problem. Plus we usually get a lot of walking by shopping, festivals, playing Pokemon GO and other stuff.

The key to Sharketo has always been adjusting things to work for you and what you need at the exact moment and this is what I need- it’s going to be ROUGH because as I get older, the more I love sleep!

The wife usually works late on Wednesday night, which leaves me a few hours to work on C4K stuff and get things ready to go and I’m going to try to stream on Twitch late Friday night- Saturday and Sunday but haven’t set up a schedule yet.

The plan is to stay busy and not leave time to think about food or mindlessly snack.

Things are about to get real!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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