Day One?

Our son had his 12th birthday over the weekend and the plan was to take him to Raising Canes (our favorite place) and get him something and then head over to Wendys for some burgers with no buns…but the temptation was too strong and we all had Raising Canes and it was AMAZING. Then we had some of his birthday cake and finally we had pizza yesterday.

So- another weekend and another screw up….but it’s FINE. I’m done worrying about stuff like that and I’ve learned how to get back on track so it’s over and we move on. It was a birthday and shit happens.

We aren’t really doing “day one” of Sharketo anymore…I’ve been doing this pretty regularly since 01.01.2018 and I think I’m to the point where a day or two of a carb up isn’t going to kill me…or even really hurt me. Sure- the scale went up but…eh…it will come right back down. It will take a few days to get back into ketosis but this is a lifetime process and I will be having Raising Canes again…it’s my guilty pleasure and those are facts.

But…what does Day One mean then???

Well, back when I started this year, my goal was to focus on weight loss and lose my first 100 lbs and then focus on gaining muscle, toning and just getting into better shape while I lost my next 100 lbs but I actually lost 120 lbs before I even really thought about it. I was super focused on what that scale said- daily and I’m past that point now and it’s a great thing. I can see the scale go up and I may get a little disappointed but it doesn’t affect me the way it did anymore.

Today, I started my “two a day plan” and I got up to do cardio/boxing at 5am and then this afternoon I’m going to focus an hour to weight lifting (with some light warm up stretching, etc.) I’ve got a 4 week plan set with stuff I’ve never done before so it’s going to be a learning experience.

The only problem is when I have people constantly ask “so…how much have you lost now?” I know they mean well but weight loss is no longer the real goal at this point. For example, last week I only lost .8 lbs (before the screw up) but I was wearing smaller pants and shirts and just felt better and was clearly smaller.

YES…I do still want to lose another 80-100 lbs. but I understand that is going to take longer than the first 120 lbs. did and because I’m changing the focus.

Getting up at 5am has been easier than I thought and I started the day off by downing a bottle of water and killing the bike and boxing bag for an hour and I honestly feel amazing. I can NOT wait until this afternoon to start lifting weight and watch my body change even more.

Motivation is through the roof….I’m hyped and ready to go!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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