R U N Sharktosis?

Please remember…everything I write is from my personal experience or my opinion- I’m not a DR and probably have no clue what I’m talking about.

With that said…how do you know you are in Sharktosis….well…I mean, how do I know?

When I first started, we bought the pee strips and most people will tell you that is pointless because they aren’t accurate and only really show you the ketones that you are wasting- not what you are using. If you are burning all of your ketones, then it may show you as not in ketosis. The strips are not the best way, HOWEVER, I don’t do needles or blood or anything sharp that can result in the loss of blood…not even a drop.

Soooooo the pee strips is the way I went. We bought several bottles through the first few months because I was doing it daily…and then every few days and then about once a week and now- not at all.

I think the pee strips are a good way to keep you focused and when you first start, you will get to that point where you have way more ketones then you can burn and it shows that dark color that fills us keto-ers with joy!

At this point though, I’m not sure the pee strips would work for me- I hope I’m hitting that sweet spot of making enough ketones to use as fuel. The beauty of following this way of life is that you start paying attention to your body more and you start realizing (without the strips or blood test) that you are in ketosis. For me, it’s a mood swing backed with a ton of energy, no hunger and pure motivation and I hit it this morning.

When I have a cheat day and go way over on my carbs and throw myself out of ketosis- I can feel it. I get grumpy, easily annoyed and I feel sore, week and almost uncontrollable hunger; this is why a cheat meal/day can easily lead to a cheat week and then month.

About a 1.5 weeks ago I screwed up yet again and all of that came back to me and I felt like crap and I knew I would the moment I decided to screw up; it’s honestly a terrible feeling.

I think it took me so long to get back into it this time because I was loading up on diet pop and sugar free candy and while I completely believe those things are OK- I went overboard and everything needs to be in moderation.

I know that I can’t really be successful drinking 2/3 diet pops and eating a bag of sugar free candy per day and I’ve learned that and now I’m adjusting. I’ve cut out both of those things and I’m back to losing (currently at my lowest) and I felt amazing this morning.

Being in ketosis is truly an amazing feeling- you get motivated and energy hits you and you feel like you can do anything and you WANT to do it. You get ideas and become more creative, you are generally just overall happier and you are rarely hungry. I hit my 20 hour fasting mark yesterday and wasn’t even hungry and I feel like I may start 22/2 IF and only eating 1 large meal per day.

Knocking yourself out of ketosis is extremely rough- it causes you to bloat, gain weight and do all the stuff I talked about above-which leads you to getting frustrated and just wanting to give up- I’ve been there multiple times this year but you can NOT give up. You start fresh the next day and use it as a learning experience and realize that the next 1-2 week is going to be a much harder fight and that is what is going to make or break you. Cravings come rushing back on top of everything and the hunger is almost constant.

I’m still trying to understand why I know this yet I continue to screw up over and over- the food doesn’t taste that good anymore and it leads to a couple weeks of hell, yet I still do it.

The problem with life is that it’s a learning process and by the time you learn what you need to know, you are close to death.

Learn this stuff now- get to know your body and what works for you by testing different things and do the research- make those changes now because death gets closer every single day.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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