Cliff Notes – Chapter Nine

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Nine – A New Hope (Sep)

September still had a couple of cheat days but I started my new workout program that includes getting up at 5am and doing cardio/boxing and then focusing on about 45-60 minutes of just weight lifting and I can really tell a difference. I fell stronger and I can see muscles that I’ve never seen before. Getting up at 5am has been rough but I’ve done it for a couple of weeks and it does really help to get my day going.

I continue to learn more about food- what I’m eating and why and I’m starting to pay more attention to ingredients and the way certain sugar alcohols effect the weight loss. I’m learning different weight lifting exercises and really trying to focus on building up my knowledge of everything. I even stepped up and bought a weight bench and some extra weight. While I’ve had my Golds Gym all in one exercise equipment, there was still things I couldn’t do and the bench has really helped in giving me a wider range.

Focusing more on weight lifting and less on weight loss has really giving me A New Hope because I don’t just want to lose weight- I want to get healthier.

I do need to get back to walking but I’m already doing two 30-60 minute workouts per day along with walking an hour during breaks and lunch so throwing in more walking seems like overkill- however, that is the main way my wife and son was exercising and I need to continue that so we can keep doing those 5Ks.

I would call September a pretty successful month- I didn’t hit my 10 lbs lost per month goal but I came really close and I’m still pretty far ahead for the year, so I’m not complaining.

Here are the numbers.

9 months
126.4 lbs lost
28.7% of my total weight lost
63.2% towards my main goal

I would really lose to lose 160 lbs in 2018 so I have 33.6 lbs to lose over the next three months….the hardest months of the year but if I kick things up and STOP with the cheat days, I think I can get there…or really damn close.

It’s going to be amazing to start 2019 in the 200’s (because that WILL happen). 2019 is going to be focused on building muscle, toning and figuring out a way to pay for the loose skin surgery that I’m going to need- I’m trying to do things to target that but at 40 years old, that isn’t really working out too well.

SW – 440.2
CW – 313.8

9.2 lbs lost this month is amazing and I’ll happily take it….any progress is still progress and I would love to complete 2018 with losing something all 12 months- some months have been super high and some months I barely squeaked by with a half of a pound lost.

I made myself a promise back on 01.01.2018 and I’m keeping it.

There is NO DOUBT that 2018 has been a “Mass Evolution” for me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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