Why Sharky?

I’m a 40 year old fat guy on social media- why should anyone follow me? Like me? Why don’t I just grow up and start acting my age?

So many questions and I’ll give you some answers.

First- age really IS just a number- I know you have heard that a million times but I assure you that I don’t feel 40 years old. I did feel like I was in my 40s…when I was in my 30s but now that I’m in my 40s, I feel like I’m in my 20s.

Age is simply the number of years you’ve lived on this floating rock but it doesn’t really determine who you are. I am more active than I’ve ever been in my life- I’ve dropped a ton of weight, I’m getting healthy and I’m gaining muscle. I may feel like other 40 year olds feel but to me, I’ve never felt this way- not even in my 20s.

Second- why you should follow or like me on social media depends on the type of person you are and what you are interested in- most people probably shouldn’t follow me honestly.

Finally, please remember that my social media is for me- I’m not looking to get famous or rich with it. I use it to keep track of my weight loss and to have accountability. I use it to learn how to play video games better, keep track of new Pokemon coming out or to just share things I find interesting.

My website is for ME but I allow others to see it as well. I post little pep talks to myself (and maybe they could help someone else as well)- I post weight loss updates and go back and read where I’ve been and remember just how far I’ve come; I can honestly say I’ve done that multiple times during 2018. When I get down about hitting a stall or cheating and just want to give up, I go back and read my stuff from throughout 2018 and it helps motive me.

So, let’s go through some reasons why you may choose to follow/like me and if none peak your interest…then move on- no biggie.

1. Weight Loss- I think I’m good inspiration and motivation for someone trying to lose weight and get healthy. I was in the 400s most of my adult life and I’ve lived that situation. I would consider myself the “fat and lazy” guy who loves setting around and eating. I’m addicted to food, without a doubt, and I’m struggling with it every single day and I just happen to be winning that struggle at the moment. I’ve currently dropped 127 lbs and I’m on my way to my overall goal of losing 200 lbs. I do some product reviews, my wife and I make some recipes and I write about the actual struggle of the weight loss journey- I try to show what that little “-“ actually means in the “Before-After”. Most people see a before and after picture and since they just saw those a few seconds apart, they don’t fully understand the sweat, blood, pain, tears and frustration that went into that. The other issues is, a lot of folks try to help people lose weight but they’ve never been fat before so they don’t fully understand it. Then you have those that just have surgery and it may be rough but you aren’t really “doing” it and I am and I think that is inspiration. I’m a fat middle-aged guy that decided to make a change and I’m showing the world what I’m doing in the hopes that they can find that motivation needed to make the change as well.

2. Gaming- I’m no Ninja- I literally SUCK at video games but that doesn’t matter because I’m an OG (Original Gamer). I played the games on the 5.25 floppy disk- the big black flimsy ones and I moved to the 3.5 inch and then CD-ROM. I had an Atari, NES and I’ve been through the video game boom. I know these millennials think they invented this culture but it was MY generation that started the “nerds are cool” situation that you guys enjoy now. I firmly believe that video games are to be enjoyed first- it doesn’t matter how terrible you are, if you enjoy it- do it! I log onto Call of Duty and get kill/death ratio of 3/20 and still have a blast! I’m not trying to give you tips and tricks on being better because I suck- I’m just putting my thoughts out there as an OG…so put some ‘spect on my name!

3. Pokemon – now, I am NOT an OG when it comes to Pokemon…my son got me into it and I became addicted to it and I love it. I’m interested in deck ideas and believe the game is like an enhanced form of chess (yes, I was in a chess club when I was a kid). I have always been a card collector so Pokemon just fits right in. Pikachu is adorable, Cubone’s story is super sad and the entire franchise is just amazing. I’m not great at it and I’ve never actually played a real game that wasn’t with my son, I mostly play online. However, I do like sharing my favorite decks and maybe helping kids learn how to play. My Pokemon section is geared more to the beginner trying to learn about the cards and how decks work. I’m not trying to be a Pokemon trainer just loving the franchise. I do plan to do some videos in the future as well- from game play to my collection to product openings.

4. Writing- although I haven’t done much writing, besides blog stuff, I do post poetry from time to time or articles and I think they are decent. The grammar/spelling may be terrible but I think I have some decent stuff with a nice little touch of humor.

5. Randomness- On top of all of that, I enjoy posting about collectibles (something else we made huge in the 80s!), pop culture, photography, sexy girls, funny memes or anything else I find interesting.

All of this is why my website is called SharkysWorld- it’s just all the stuff in my world and you can either enjoy it or ignore it.

If you are interested, you can find me on my social media sites as “SharkyHitchens”- I post mostly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I also use stuff like Tumblr, Reddit and others.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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