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Many of you are not local to my area of Kentucky so you may not have heard the news of the situation that happened last week- just 3 houses from me.

An amazing lady in New Jersey, Koeberle Bull, received a horrendous message over social media from someone she didn’t know- I have no clue how or why he sent her the message or found her- but it was threatening towards her because she is a Caucasian lady with bi-racial kids. You can guess that type of message that I’m talking about so I will not be posting it here. I will also not be posting his name or anything about him.

Ms. Bull did not just block this guy, she went to her local police but they didn’t believe her or really care so she contacted the Kentucky State Police and they did care. Ms. Bull stated, in an interview, that the message stayed with her and she just couldn’t ignore it- this guy was basically attacking her children.

Long story short- the KSP investigated this hate crime and ended up finding firearms, tons of ammo, a Kevlar vest and a detailed attack plan- this guy was literally pulling out of his drive way with his car loaded down and ready to attack our local school system.

Kids would have died if by Ms. Bull hadn’t stood up and refused to be bullied.

That is the story…but it goes deeper than that for me. Once I found Ms. Bull’s name, I found her on Facebook and thanked her- my son is in the middle school and waits outside for me to pick him up…who knows what could have happened. There is no doubt that this lady save kids- maybe one or maybe hundreds, we have no way of knowing. On top of that, my son lives just 3 houses from this guy and would have had to walk past his house in a few years, on the way to high school.

I continued to watch Ms. Bulls Facebook as hundreds of people from my community thanked her for stepping up and saving people in a town she’s probably never even heard of and that led to the problem I have now. While I think it is amazing and it honestly brings a tear to my eye at the fact that so many of us have thanked her- there is still a dark side to the story.

Sadly, I know a lot of the people in this area- a very small down in Kentucky and I know, for a fact, that many of them are flat out racists. There are many people here who would be very against Ms. Bull and her kids simply because of who she loved.

I ask myself- “how many of those kids she saved have racist parents?” How many of those racist folks got to hug their kids and kiss them goodnight thanks to this person that they would hate- without even knowing her?

It is my hope that this situation gets into the mainstream media and we understand that this lady stood up against racism and hatred and saved our town from devastation and she did not have to do that.

This lady is what is good in the world and I want us to be able to see that and understand that and hopefully this situation can reach into the hearts of folks who may have the same thoughts as the guy who first sent her that message and change them.

We need to use this situation to change who we are as a society- from gun control to mental health to racism.

We need more stories like this to “go viral” and be spread through social media and I want to do my part to try to make that happen.

In closing- I consider Ms. Bull a member of my Anderson County family and nothing short of a hero and I want to strive to be more like her.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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