Slim Fast Keto is here!!!

We’ve read about it and heard about it for several weeks and our Wal-Mart finally got them….Slim Fast Keto!!!

I was pretty excited when I read about this new line for a few reasons- easier to find keto stuff and it’s made with Erythirtol! It’s also got MCT and butter!

It did seem that our Wal-Mart had a smaller selection and the prices were sort of a huge blow- it seems Slim Fast really wants to capitalize on the keto wave. I thought Atkins bars were high at about $7 per 5 bars but these folks upped that to $10 for 5 bars…that is $2 a bar and on level with stuff like Quest protein bars but these are smaller.

So- the first negative is the price and that is a BIG negative. The problem is that you don’t need this stuff on keto and if you have to have it- there are other cheaper options…but those normally use the alternate sugars that are just as bad as real sugar.

We decided to go with some bars to check them out- the MCT oil was also way overpriced and we didn’t want to invest in a big thing of shake mix because I’m basically down to one meal a day and that isn’t going to be a shake-it’s going to be meat with some veggies and healthy fats.

Honestly, if you are doing keto with IF, there is no real need for meal replacement shakes…a big part of keto is the fasting part and getting your eating window down to 1-6 hours. If your body is running on fat, you aren’t going to need or even want shakes and crap. I do understand the need for something sweet or something to grab for a quick snack when you are hungry and you want it to be convenient and still keto.

Our store had Whipped Triple Chocolate and Whipped Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and honest, they both just looked like your normal protein type bar but we decided to go with the peanut butter because you get the best of both worlds- peanut butter AND chocolate!


They were about the same size as your normal bar and the chocolate had a waxy/smooth feel to it that threw me off a bit; I broke it in half and it looked like your everyday type of “bar” really…nothing jumped out as to why the price was so high.

The texture was better than normal type bars and that was a big plus…I think it’s because they are “whipped” and the crunch of the little chocolate chips definitely put it above most of the bars we’ve tried before and there wasn’t that nasty “protein” after taste…of course, I realize these aren’t protein bars but it seems that even things like ThinkThin bars still have a weird after taste.

My wife liked these better than any other bar and I have to say I agree…almost. These are better than most bars but nowhere near as good as the Atkins treats- the ones that taste like candy bars….but again, these have the benefit of the MCT, butter and good sugar replacement so that pushes them to the top.

The only real negative thing about them is the price…all of the stuff was just overpriced and I should have expected that because the keto wave is strong and these companies know that. Then again, the price is based on the added MCT, grass feed butter and Erythirtol so it sort of makes sense- better quality- higher price.

All in all, buy a box and keep around just in case you need something but I wouldn’t make these a daily thing.

I would have to say they are Fintastic though but in moderation because a big part of keto is the fasting and getting your body to run on fat, which kills your hunger and you don’t need these things- which is why I’m not even trying the shakes- just seems like a pointless product that doesn’t really fit keto.

HOWEVER….Sharketo is about YOU and what works for you- so if you need 2 shakes a day to get through…go for it! No judgement here.

You do you boo.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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