Cliff Notes – 2018 Chapter Ten

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Ten – Steady Progress (Oct)

October just continue the screw ups and recovering from them- I can’t seem to just get going and stay on track. I screw up on the weekend and recover during the week but this time, I had a huge 3 days screw up which set me WAY back…I was as high as 326 lbs and it took a couple weeks to work it back off and I really got control of things about half way through October and made it through a couple of weekends and finally got down to where I was and then flew past it to 308.4 lbs. So, while the months total was only a loss of 5.4 lbs- it really seems like a lot more.

I did slack on the exercise because I’ve had a lot of issues with sinus/allergies and not sleeping, which leads to being really tired and just feeling like crap.

I am now down a total of 131.8 lbs which is 11.8 lbs MORE than my goal for all of 2018 and I still have 2 months left, so I can’t really complain- a loss is a loss.

I haven’t gained weight any month this year and I don’t plan on doing that in November or December.

We completed our 2nd 5K in October- The Black Cat Chase- and I wrote about t in the “5K” section. It was the first 5K I could really give it my all and I cut over 6 minutes down from my first one- so that was a success.

October was FULL of NSV and I can’t ignore those either…I’m currently wearing size 46 pants daily and I can fit into size 44! Any shirt that I buy from this point on will be a 2x (or less). Sizes are really stupid- some 2xs are tight and some are already too big on me- I don’t understand it. I do know that I’m not far from getting into some of the bigger 1x shirts and that is mind blowing.

I’m currently finishing up my third full week without cheating and I’ve had a few close calls but I’ve went with stuff like sugar free candy- it’s not the best but it’s better than an entire bag of Kit-Kats.

I’m cooking more and we started getting most of our meats from an actual butcher shop instead of Kroger and the taste is pretty noticeable.

I have come so far during 2018 and done things I still have a hard trouble believing and I still have 2 months left to make it even better!

On a negative side- I’m noticing my attitude towards people and food has gotten really negative- people just annoy the shit out of me- from buffets to food days at work- it’s disgusting and I don’t get it. I’ve always hated buffets due to the way people fight over food (the old me included) and I never did food at work days.

It does feel amazing to not be the biggest person in my building and it feels amazing actually taking the stairs in the morning.

I have gained some very noticeable muscle and can feel bones I’ve never felts but, sometimes, when I look in the mirror- I still look as big as I ever was and I don’t really notice the difference until I take a picture and compare it to my before picture.

I’m not sure I’ll ever see myself as anything than “the biggest guy” in a group but hopefully that will change.

In another NSV- my son had his Halloween band concert and I had NO issues setting in the seats- like a normal person. I didn’t have to squeeze into it…I just sat down like a normal person.

Normal is a weird word and it gives me a really weird feeling when I can do things I couldn’t before…this whole journey has just been weird- life changing and amazing.

These next two chapters are going to be lit fam!

SW – 440.2
CW – 308.4

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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