I dropped 131 lbs in 10 months…so what was the number one thing that helped?


I always heard that consistency is the key and I highly agree with that and that is what got me through the first 6 months of 2018 but since July it’s been rough and I’ve only lost a little here and a little there but the one thing that has gotten me through the last 4 months is recovering.

I’ve tried losing weight hundreds of times and I would do great and then have a cheat day or cheat weekend and then I would just stop and never recovery from it and it would turn into a year or longer with tons of weight gained back and all of my efforts just gone…but this time has been different.

I had a few cheat days during the first 6 months but not many…however, it seems like over the last 4 months, every other weekend is a cheat day/weekend but I have gotten back on track on Monday and recovered to get back down to where I was and lower…and then have another cheat day/weekend but, so far, I’ve been able to recover.

I’m not sure why these last 4 months have been an issue because it should be getting easier but the more I give in to stupid shit- the harder it’s getting to recover…but here I am- the Monday after what was “technically” our Halloween weekend- this was also the last time our son will be trick or treating since he’ll officially be a teenager this time next year so maybe I took advantage of that?

I have a ton of excuses I could use- my mom died in July so I was dealing with that and then that leads into my first holiday season in 40 years without her- no trying to plan a day around each holiday to drive 45 minutes to celebrate, in a hospital, with her…no trying to figure out what to get her since she basically spent the last 8 years in a hospital bed. I could use that as a great excuse to just say fuck it and gain all my weight back and blame it on stress.

I did use the Halloween excuse to go a bit wild and eat tons of terrible shit and allowed that to carry over from day to day for an entire weekend and that is bullshit and I understand that. I didn’t step on the scale because I don’t want to know how much I gained- I’m getting back to it today and I’ll see where I am on Saturday and take it from there.

We have about a 1.5 weeks to work off this weekend screw up before our 3rd 5K- Southern Lights Stroll. I have no intention of “doing my best” during this walk because it’s going to be through the KY Horse Park with all the Christmas lights up and I plan to make it a fun stroll with my amazing wife- just enjoying the greatest time of the year!

Recovery is something that is going to be a common aspect of this journey- trying to tell myself that I’m not going to do it again is pointless- I know me. I can say that I will no longer allow screw ups to remove all of the work I have put into myself…even though I probably gained several pounds, I’m still down well over 100 lbs and I’m still wearing pants that are 10 sizes smaller and 2x shirts…so I’m still ahead.

The old me would just continue to gain and be back where I was…with added weight…but that is not an option at this point.

Back to Sharketo…back to exercise…back to IF for 23 hours and eating one meal. Back to finding awesome recipes, doing more research and focusing on hitting those goals. I won’t lie- the weekend was amazing- just eating whatever I wanted and not really caring…and that honestly scares me.

But I also understand that walking up the steps and not dying is pretty fun too and I continued doing that this morning as well.

We all screw up…only the ones that realize that and recover from it are successful.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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