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This is an overall update so that’s why it’s under “Whats Hapfining!” because there will be some weight loss stuff but it’s just where I’m at right now.

I screwed up over the weekend and no clue reason why but I’ve recovered quicker than ever and I’m already getting close to where I was on Friday- before the 2.5 days of Halloween candy and fast food…and that is amazing. It’s giving me my motivation back to kill the rest of 2018.

I’ve already got Book 2 planned and posted the prologue to 2019 to let everyone know what is coming. On top of that, I’m going to be posting things here and there to let folks know where SharkysWorld.com is going in 2019- I have HUGE plans…remember, SW is basically just my hobby and I do it because it’s fun and I enjoy writing stuff…it’s basically MY journal that I have open to the world- if no one ever reads it, it’s still there for me.

We are doing our 3rd 5K next weekend and it’s going to be balls cold but it’s through the Kentucky Horse Park and their Southern Lights setup and it’s going to be amazing.

This is the time of year that I have a lot of days off due to holidays and I’m using that time to really get SharkysWorld.com where I want it to be in 2019- I spent a lot of 2018 trying to get a schedule down and focus on health and happiness but politics drug me back in recently and I haven’t been as happy and I need to focus more on myself and less about the world- I need to focus on the positive and less on the negative and that is what SharkysWorld allows me to do.

This is the best time of the year and I’m literally in the best shape of my life…yes, it’s still a round shape but much less round. I’m going to use this time to enjoy life and work on writing an amazing ending to 2018 – Mass Evolution and use this time to slingshot myself into 2019 – Missing Link and never look back.

The plan I had on 01.01.2018 was to “write” a trilogy over 3 years to take me from a 440.2 lbs unhealthy person to the person that I wanted and needed to be and that plan is still moving along nicely. I set it up as a 3 year (book) trilogy because I understand there are going to be tons of ups and downs and you can’t change what you are overnight…it takes time, consistency, hard work and effort to become something totally different.

BIG things coming in 2019 and I’m super excited about all of it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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