Ya Boi’s Broke

It seems that I’ve replaced my food obsession with blowing money obsession and now I have to get that under control as well…2019 needs to be focused on making some HUGE changes- I made huge changes to my health in 2018, so I need to focus that same energy on the money situation in 2019…while not losing what I did in 2018.

I need to get new obsessions like writing, photography and actually PLAYING all the damn games I’ve bought!

I have FAR too much shit and just continue to blow money like I’m rich- which I am actually the opposite. I need stop buying random stupid stuff and actually focus on one thing instead of everything.

I need to come up with a plan and incorporate it into what I’m already doing, which really shouldn’t be that hard.

Over the weekend, we screwed up (as usual) and I wanted a Mocha coffee from McDonald’s- BOTH of our local McDonald’s said their “coffee machine was down”…what are the odds that both of them went down at the same time, on the same day? In general, all of our local fast food places are just pure shit and it’s time we start boycotting them.

I’ve already decided that there will be no more cheat days for the rest of 2018. Period. I have to stop- my obsessive personality is literally killing me.

We are already trying to cook at home because that is both healthier and cheaper.

I need to stop buying random trading cards- this will affect my charity, Commons4Kids, a little since I won’t have as many cards to donate directly from me but we have tons of folks- all over the world- sending in cards so it should be fine.

I need to stop buying every little piece of plastic that they slap the word “Pokemon” or “Deadpool” on as well…I have enough. I need to stop buying games that I play for an hour or not at all just so I have it in the book “incase” I want to play it one day. I need to stop buying shit just because “it’s a good deal” and we need to start staying home more and enjoying all the shit we’ve already bought.

Time to be an adult and get this money situation under control. I need to start saving a little back here and there so when I do hit my goal I can do the stuff I want- get my tattoo, ride my first roller coaster, etc.

This is going to be FAR harder than losing weight- this is going to take focusing on making life better minute by minute and catching myself when I throw stupid shit in the buggy or try to buy something just to set on a shelf and collect dust.

I had far too much weight…so I decided to lose it and I have.

I’m spending far too much money…so I’ve decided to stop and plan to do that as well.

I’ve proven to myself that I can stick to my plan and I’ve still got two books to write, at least…so here’s to big changes in 2019.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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