6 Weeks

January 1st, 2019 is on Tuesday…that means I have exactly 6 weeks from today until that day to lose as much weight as possible. The first half of 2018 was amazing but the second half has been pathetic and I’ve got 42 days to change that.

It’s time to get strict on Sharketo and make a run for my 2018 goal…my overall goal was to average 10 lbs per month and lose 120 lbs this year…as of November 1st, I was at 131.8 lbs lost so I’m past that goal…thanks to the first 6 months. I then upped that goal to 150 lbs in 2018 so I have some ways to go but I think I can get there.

I have screwed up almost every single weekend over the last few months so it may be like starting over and if I can go as strict as possible, maybe my body will drop a ton like it did the first month…plus, if I can get through the holidays being strict, then that should make the start of 2019 even better…when everyone else will be motivated along with me.

Here are some changes that I’m going to focus on…that I shouldn’t have STOPPED focusing on but I let it slip some-

-20/4 IF daily…even the weekend…eating between 3pm-7pm.
-Workout 6 days a week; adding a workout on Saturday.
-15g of carbs or less- daily.
-Log everything into MFP.
-Never hit my fat MACRO.
-Extremely limited sugar free candy.
-Extremely limited diet pop
-Focus on meat, veggies and some dairy.

We already have our SharketoGiving meal planned out and I should be able to stay within those limits. This is the finish line and I can NOT trip right here at the end…I have to finish strong to make 2018 truly amazing. I’ve got huge plans for 2019 but I have to really buckle down and end strong.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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