Hakuna Matata

Most people my age are super excited for the new live action Lion King and it’s just another thing that was announced/released this year that is special to me and just makes 2018 an even more incredible year.

I’m not sure if anyone read what I posted about Black Ops 4 and why it is so special to me- long story short, my mom would buy me the new Call of Duty game each year as my Christmas present but she passed away in July of this year so it was the first one I had to buy myself.

Now…you can add the new Lion King as a special connection to my mom.

I turned 17 years old on March 3rd, 1995…which just happened to be the VHS (big black square thing for you kids) release day for the original Lion King. I had seen it in the theater and LOVE IT- still one of my all-time favorite movies- and I wasn’t a normal 17 year old.

For my “party” we had some friends over for cake and to just hang out and my mom surprised me with it- here were a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds setting around watching The Lion King and eating cake and ice cream to celebrate. It was a huge surprise because I hadn’t realized it came out that day…I really wish I still had that VHS copy but I don’t- I do have the big fancy double disc DVD set and I do need to watch it again soon.

The fact that mom passed away this year and then they drop the first trailer is pretty special for me…I wish it came out this year but hopefully I’m still around in 2019 to see it and have all those memories come rushing back.

I think there are going to be little things that pop up throughout life- things that bring back memories and have a connection- of course, The Lion King has a connection to most people in my age group because it was an amazing movie.

I don’t believe people who have died are in heaven or hell or floating around as ghosts…they just simply aren’t here any longer but it’s little things like this that keeps their memory alive- things that were small back then, like a birthday present, grow to enormous things 24 years later when you realize the connection they have throughout your life.

Love, Peace and Hakuna Matata

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