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Most people will never understand the struggle of trying to lose weight and get healthy- I mean, really trying…and failing.

Last week- I did PERFECT. I worked out 5 days and ate perfectly and dropped a ton of weight and got BACK where I was on Nov 1st and then screwed up again and gained it all back PLUS SOME. 2 days of “cheating” can undo more than a week of doing perfectly and this is why it’s so damn hard. When you put everything you have into it for an entire week and then a few cheat days- actually 1.5 cheat days can just destroy all that work and more…it’s heartbreaking and frustrating. Why does 1.5 days of cheating outweigh 5.5 days of doing perfectly?

I did recover and had a good day yesterday- ate more than normal but it was all Sharketo approved and yesterday was the 30 day count down…30 days left of 2018 and it’s now do or die- I honestly don’t think I can recover from another cheat day. If I’m not perfect the rest of this year, I will NOT hit 299 lbs and that would be rough.

I haven’t been very successful the last 5 months but I know I can do it because I did it the first 6 months! It’s possible to not cheat every weekend because I did it and did it amazingly!

I’m writing about all the ups and downs because this shit is hard and I want people to know that- very few people do this journey without failing hundreds of times but Sharketo is a lifelong thing and I’m sure I’m going to fail tons more but I need to start failing a little less…a few failures are fine but this every weekend shit is setting me back and taking precious time away. I’ve only lost 23.4 lbs in 5 months! I just can’t keep doing that.

I think I can do this in 30 days- I think I can recover yet again and get down to 299 lbs and I need to give it an honest try and remind myself…one more screw up and it won’t happen- period. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be giving up…I’ll just hit it in 2019 but I need to do it this year…I need to give it everything I have RIGHT NOW to make it happen.

I know exactly how to do it and I have NO doubt that I would have already been there- easily- if I hadn’t kept screwing up.

Screwing up is a part of it…it’s the learning process of it- Intermediate Fasting is the key. I’ve proven that to myself over and over again. I’m eating too many snacks, too much sugar free candy and too many diet pops. (and too many cheat days!)

I made myself a laminated card to keep with me to remember what I’m trying to do and my 2018 goal (revised) and to help keep me on track. I can be strict for 30 days and then go back to more traditional Sharketo once I reach that goal. I do plan on making this a lifelong thing so there will be sugar free candy and diet pop again- I just need to get strict and have a nice like 30 day marathon of kicking ass.

I’m so damn motivated through the week but just lose it all on the weekend and that is what I need to figure out- if I figure out the weekend then it’s GAME OVER.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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