Be Happy.

Who knew you could speak happiness into existence? Well…speak it and then make changes and work our ass off for it and then boom.

I’m not saying I’ve been unhappy- all in all, I have a great life…however, I allowed ignorance and ignorant people really throw me for some crazy mood swings- things that I couldn’t control and were really out of my hands took over my life and I have taken that back in 2018.

There was a few small slip ups here and there but I recovered nicely and have slowly moved most of the negative shit out while loading up on the positive.

I took a look at what I was happiest doing and I’ve tried to focus on that- I also looked at what was causing the mood swings and frustration and I’m slowly removing those as well. Stuff like discussing or debating religion and politics and removing people that I view as “generally bad”. I stopped trying to change people and just cut ties with them and will happily continue to do that- two people are safe- my wife and son. Everyone else is open to being removed- nothing personal. If we don’t have the same views on basic humanity…I won’t miss you.

I didn’t play video games for a long time because I just wasn’t good…I stopped caring. I didn’t write for a long time because the stuff I post rarely got likes/comments…I stopped caring.

I took some advice, literally, from 2Pac-

I literally changed the way I eat and I started trying to focus on more positive stuff- not only around me but around the world. I decided to start putting more into Commons4Kids and to expand it as a place that I can just share all of the good stuff I find- the world is a terrible place with little patches of good- those patches need to be shared to show that it’s not over yet.

I do understand that it may not be that easy for everyone…but it’s been that easy for me. I still get annoyed and angry more than I want but it’s way less than just a year ago. Everything I’m doing right now is HARD but seems to be worth putting in the effort. I’m really going to focus on simply being happy because, before I know it, I won’t be here any longer.

In general…I’m going with this – “the world is a shitty place; don’t be a shitty person.”

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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