Here we are…what I consider to be the BIGGEST weekend of 2018!

I know I’m putting a lot into this but it’s almost like a turning point to me- I have really struggled for the last 5 months- and even though I’ve still lost weight, I’ve basically cheated all most every single weekend and I’m not at the point of no return. If I screw up this weekend, there won’t be time to fully recover and hit that 299 lbs mark by 2019.

My original goal for 2018 was to drop 120 lbs for an average of 10 lbs per month but I passed that a while back, so I created a new goal…Project <3!

I feel like if I can make I through this weekend and not screw up and string two amazing weeks together to get really deep into ketosis then I will be OK the rest of the month.

Today should be fine- I’ll be at work, then workout and a Sharketo dinner. My wife has her work Christmas get together tonight and I’ll snack on meat and cheese but that’s about it and I’m going to even limit that.

Tomorrow we head to Lville to donate trading cards to three different places- probably the last donation of 2018- and then back to the house to eat and then on to Danville for their Christmas parade. Even though I hate Danville- it was the first Christmas parade my wife and I went to 15 years ago!

The problem will be Sunday- the weather is going to be bad and we have no plans, which means hanging around the house playing video games or watching Christmas movies and that is the time I snack all day or finally give in to bullshit cravings, etc.

This week has been an amazing week of recovering and I’ve dropped 14 lbs if water weight from my last cheat day and I’m finally down to 308 lbs again and almost back to where I was on December 1st and then I’ll have exactly 3 weeks to drop 6 lbs and I know I can do that…as long as I don’t screw up again.

Finally, I’ve changed my official weigh in day to Tuesdays- for a couple of reasons-

1. January 1st, 2019 is on a Tuesday and that will be my final weight in for 2018 and first official weigh in for 2019.

2. I was weighing on Saturday morning and it gave me a reason to go easy and have cheat days. I was in the mindset that if I cheated on Saturday/Sunday, then that gave me the entire week to work it off which led to cheating almost every weekend and led to me NOT getting back to where I was some weeks or just working my ass off to undo the 1 or 2 cheat days. That routine has to stop. Now- if I cheat on Saturday/Sunday it’s going to instantly show on Tuesday…plus I don’t have issues with cheating on Tuesday-Friday so this will hopefully fix the problem.

Feeding two birds with one scone. (Stupid PETA)

With all that said- this is the weekend to give it everything I have and just be strong and fucking kill it! I may try to start Sunday off with an extra workout to help push me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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