Never Give Up

OK let’s break this down honestly….today was technically my weigh in day because 01.01.2019 is on a Tuesday and I thought it would help with the cheating on the weekends…hasn’t yet though.

I know where I needed to be today and I was about a pound from that back on Friday- before the screw up. So I was a pound from my goal 4 days before I wanted to meet it so that would have happened if I hadn’t screwed up.

Now, I’m already half way back to where I was from my screw up so I could be back there by around Thursday-Friday if I stick to the plan because cheat days don’t really add “weight” it’s water weight and stuff so I would be about where I was again last week- only with one less week, but it would be 4 days before my next weigh in- that is when the hard part would be. You can drop water weight pretty easy and fast…like MIND blowing fast- that is why all those pills promise you will lose 10lbs the first week- it’s just water weight.

The good thing about this weekend (sorry sweetie) is that the wife has to work on Saturday so that gives me a day to just do whatever I want- my son will probably be playing on the computer so I will be down in the Sharketo Dojo/C4K Office doing a ton of stuff and I could get several workouts in on Saturday which would help with the weight loss and help motivate me not to cheat to undo all the work I just did. I could do a workout in the morning- then work on trading cards and stuff and then do a 2nd workout in the afternoon. The wife gets home- we have a good Sharketo dinner and I should make it.

The problem is SUNDAY! It’s so easy to just say “be strong” but it’s so hard to actually do. You eat the crap while telling yourself that you shouldn’t and you will regret it…sugar is a drug, period. If you disagree- fight me!

I said I wasn’t giving up and I know it’s a long shot but I also know that Sharketo works and I actually still have 67 lbs to lose so dropping this 7 lbs isn’t that big of a deal- sure, it will get me to a goal and a good point but I will still have 59 lbs left to lose overall and that is a long way off- especially if I keep doing this weekend cheat bullshit.

I keep thinking…if I can just make it to 299 lbs but that isn’t the overall goal- I keep focusing on just getting through a weekend- like I’m at the finish line and I’m not. I’m only 67% of the way and I still have the longest, hardest part to go.

Right now I’ve lost 30% of my body and my goal is 45.5% (with the hopes of 50% overall).
Right now I’ve lost 67% of the 200 lbs that I set out to lose.

While I’ve come a long way, there is still a way to go and if just getting this 7 lbs off is stressing me this much, what about the other 59 lbs?

I need to get back to January status and THAT is why exists- I’m headed back to re-read posts I made back in January to understand where I was, why I started and how I was successful and hopefully get that motivation back.

I’ve said it before…if you guys read this and like it- GREAT…but this is MY world and it’s here for me…for moments exactly like this.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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