2 weeks left of 2018 and I did it…I made it through the entire weekend with NO CHEATING and did perfectly along with some added cardio and I’m down to 308 lbs. (yes still a little up for December but where I need to be.)

I’ve basically got 2 weeks to drop 8 lbs and I realize that sounds un-doable but I think I can do it- I’ve screwed up countless times over the last 5 months but I’m finally on track and had my first weekend, in forever, that I didn’t screw up.

I’m back to OMAD until the day after Christmas and then I’m doing a week long egg fast to end 2018 as strong as possible.

From Dec 24th to Jan 1st– I only have to work 2 days and that has me pretty worried because I’ll be home and won’t be getting my walking in and it’s going to be harder- however, I’ve changed the way I’m trying to look at it- that’s more time to exercise and get a couple extra workouts in.

The last week of 2018 is going to be rough and I’m so close to being under 300 lbs- I really need to step up and make this happen. I really needed this weekend and it was a huge success!

I feel like I’m in a good place to get this knocked out before 2019 and I plan to give it everything I can.

Some keys for me to be successful during the weekend-

  1. Stay home as much as possible- less shopping means less candy bars in my face.
  2. Eating 2 times a day instead of 1 and not trying to do the IF on weekends.
  3. Make sure to have Sharketo friendly foods around like Sharketo Chip Cookies! Wanna cheat, fine have a cookie!

I think a big problem is that I know that I’m going to gain weight on the weekend because I normally don’t exercise so I try to cut my calories too much and end up hungry and breaking down. It’s so much easier to limit it during the week but I just need to admit that I can’t do it on the weekends and fill those voids with Sharketo friendly foods and just allow myself to eat a little more than normal- as long as it fits into the MACROs. This weekend I actually LOST!

2 more weeks to make 2018 even more amazing!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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