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There is one thing that bugs me this time of year…folks talking about how “rough a specific year was on them”…man, 2018 didn’t do shit to you…life did. Your life isn’t going to suddenly get easier on January 1st, 2019…and hell, give it a week and 2019 will kick your ass as well…and then next year we all get to hear how rough of a 2019 you had.

STFU. Seriously.

Years are just numbers to count the amount of time we’ve wasted on this floating rock – in this world, you can be as big or little as you want to be. You can be a nothing speck on a rock that 99.9% of the entire world will never know existed or you can make this YOUR world and be the biggest star in its universe.

There is a difference in thinking you are the center of the universe and actually making this your world- you make it your world by filling it with what you love and makes you happy.

2018 almost killed me, my mom passed away and we bought a house (2017) and had one of the worst things that could happen-happen- our central air/heating went out (2018) and it was an added $10,000 plus and yet here I am…being fucking awesome.

I keep screwing up and gaining weight and fighting my way back to where I was and I keep going. We are in debt up to our eyes but let’s look at the bright side- we’ll die soon enough.

That is the reality…we will die way sooner than later and we will die way before we are ready so all the bullshit that mean ol’ 2018 did to you isn’t really that big of a deal.

I’ve always been a positive person but I focused all my energy on the negative stuff and nothing every changed. Debating ignorance for 30 years didn’t stop any of the ignorance- hell, the ignorance just continues to get worse.

I tried more positivity in 2018…through the hardest shit I’ve ever had to go through and shit started changing. I’m removing ignorance and negativity from my life (as much as possible) and I’m not the same guy I was a year ago…LITERALLY…I’m an entire person smaller. I’m happier. I’m a gamer. I’m an artist. I’m a writer. I’m successful at weight loss. I’m healthier. I run an amazing charity. I’m planning on riding (and probably dying) on my first roller coaster. I fit in seats better. I can buckle my seat belt.

2018 is whatever you made it and, YES, it was your decision…no matter what life threw at you during that 365 day timeframe. Life isn’t going to stop throwing shit at you just because that timeframe has reset- that is NEVER going to change…so YOU have to change how you deal with it, how you look at it and how you respond to it.

Here is the perfect example and really sums up my new life- I was doing perfectly and headed towards 299 lbs. and then, for some reason, just cheated…and cheated again…and again…and again…for 4 days in a row. I just let it all go out the window and set myself back 10 lbs. I gained 10 lbs. over the 4 day Christmas vacation. The old me would have been annoyed and aggravated and given up and said fuck it and truly went off the deep end…but not this time. I saw the gain (mostly water weight) and accepted it and got back on track with a 22.5 hour “true” fast and started my 6 day egg fast. It will take me about a week to get back where I was and I have almost zero chance of hitting 299 lbs. by 2019 but I will get there and I’ll get there this time because I didn’t focus on the negative and let it destroy the entire year.

And I’ll end with this- I did drop 15 lbs. during the first week of 2018 and I wasn’t doing an egg fast…so that 299 lbs. is still there- wayyyyyy back in the back of my head…but if I don’t get it by 2019, it won’t be long after that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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