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A little tip for the New Year- don’t set yourself up to fail with bullshit resolutions, like- “I’m going to workout everyday!” or “No more diet pop!”

That is bullshit- we all know it.

The key is to be adaptable- there are going to be days you can’t get a workout in- shit happens. Accept that failure is a part of the journey- I will have pizza again…I will have cheat days in 2019 because that is a part of life. I’m trying to focus on less bad stuff and having more control but you have to accept getting knocked down- it’s just part of it.

You can’t make some stupid goal and then allow it to ruin your entire year when you fail. I have specific goals and dates I would like to be hit them by but I that doesn’t happen- I’ll adapt and change the date and keep working towards it- no more just giving up.

Be realistic and set yourself up to be successful…eventually- it’s really not a race.

I would try to do that “no more cheat days!” stuff and I know it’s not realistic and that is what helped crash me so many times. I am not going to say I’m never going to attack a package of Oreo’s again because that is no way to live life but I can say I’m going to greatly limit the junk food to only a few times a year and not make it part of my daily routine.

Work those bad foods or days off into your routine- expect some weight gain and work through it. Plan ahead and know what to expect so you don’t get discouraged…weight gain no longer completely destroys me- I just chuckle, get back on track and move forward. It may take me a few weeks longer to get where I want to be but I no longer just stop the journey and that is a key difference.

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