Bye 2018

I’m ending 2018 early…taking some days off to celebrate before attacking 2019. Last weigh in was 305.2 lbs. A year loss of 135 lbs.

I started 2018 at 440.2 lbs and wanted to drop 120 lbs so I beat that by 15 lbs. I adjusted my goal and wanted to be 299 lbs by Jan 1st but I was putting to much pressure on myself…I’m happy with 135 lbs gone.

I feel amazing.

305.2 lbs is my starting weight for 2019…I’m gonna enjoy the next few days, gain some and then drop the last 65 lbs in 2019.

Probably no more posts until 01.01.2019 and then its gonna be daily….here and on I got soooooo much planned!

Enjoy the rest of 2018….see you in a few days.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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