Shout Out Saturday 01.05.2019

Our first Saturday Shout Out EVER??? Who could it be???

There is only ONE person it could be…BILLY CRANK!!!

If you haven’t heard of Billy yet, keep reading and then head over and follow him on EVERYTHING because he is hilarious and puts out some amazing content.

I don’t remember when I first met Billy but I remember he was doing the “Son of Ernest” (Ernest P. Worrell”) and it was amazing! I mean, it’s dead on and was helping to keep the memory of Ernest alive and you can’t go wrong there.

I grew up watching Ernest movies and when I saw him, I knew I wanted to do something with him and Commons4Kids because Ernest is that great family fun that the world is missing these days. I got with him and he agreed to do our first commercial and ON TOP OF THAT, he got John R. Cherry, III to write the script! Mr. Cherry created the Ernest character  and directed the Ernest movies- this guy is a legend!

Working with Billy was nothing but professional and the video turned out incredible. Check out the C4K commercial right HERE!

I’ve worked with Billy over the past few years donating cards/comic books to kids at cons or parades and he continues to blow my mind with all the stuff he’s putting out and there is NO doubt that this guy is going to make it to the big time.

What makes him different is that he is truly a down to earth person- one of the BEST people you will ever met and I can’t see becoming famous will ever change him and he doesn’t just do “Ernest” stuff…he is hugely talented and I check his stuff out daily. Watching him with the fans is amazing and he just does that extra stuff to be accessible and friendly- he’s outgoing and just he life of the party.

Check him out!

Billy Crank Facebook Fan Page

Billy Crank Official Facebook Page

Billy Crank YouTube

Billy Crank IMDB

Billy Crank Instagram

You can also see Billy’s work with the great folks over at FakeShemp!

I’m proud to say I’m a HUGE Crankster? CrankAMuffin….whatever- I just love Billy Crank and YOU will too!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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