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I feel guilty for wasting 40 years of life being obese and not doing the things I enjoy for whatever reason I may have had. I’m almost 41 years old and, YES, I was born overweight and it just continued basically throughout my entire life.

I tried to lose weight before and had some luck here and there only to quit and gain it all back. Now that I’ve lost so much and I found something I can truly stick with and I’m learning so much about food, MACROS and cooking- I really feel like this is the time that I’ll hit my goal weight and stay there and it’s not fair that it took me 40 years to get to this point. There is so much I could have done if I had done this earlier in life- so much my wife and I could have done together that we may have missed out on just due to weight.

I also let being overweight keep me from doing stuff I was interested in like streaming or making videos- I didn’t want the wraith of the entire world to come down on this massively overweight guy and I probably couldn’t have handled it.

Not only has losing the weight helped me to do more things but hitting 40 years old really helps you to just say “screw it” and not really care what the world thinks or says about you- so I’m streaming and making stupid YouTube videos…I’m doing a ton of stuff that I enjoy regardless if I suck at it or not.

It sucks to feel guilty about wasting 2/3rds of my life (if I make it to 60 years old)- I could have done and been so much more; but I’m slowly trying to change that and make up for the lost time. The problem is that every time I cheat or I see people just overdoing it on unhealthy food- I literally get hit with 40 years of guilt all over again because that was me…I spent year after year just not caring and eating any and everything- while telling myself that I was really trying to lose weight and get healthier or that I would “start Monday” or something like that…I wasted so much time “planning” to start.

But now I’ve done it and continue to do it and I’m happier than I’ve ever been- so world- don’t be too harsh on the stupid YouTube videos of an old man…I’m just trying to make up for lost time.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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