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Without a doubt- my WWF wrestlers!

I had all of from- Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Junkyard Dog…literally all of them. They were the big hard plastic ones that didn’t really move and if you played with them too much the paint wore off. Not only did I have all of the wrestlers, I had the managers, reg and even announces.

On top of all of that, I had the huge WWF wrestling ring that went with all of them. I would carry my ring around with all the wrestlers in them- I lived in the projects so I would load them up and go over to friends houses and just play outside with random kids I may not really now that well.

Most of them are worth a bit these days and sadly I have NONE of them left but I do have a ton of “new” wrestling action figures.

On top of my WWF figures, I had GI Joes, Voltron and a ton of others toys all over the place. While the WWF figures were my all time favorite, my original NES was a very close second- which I got into playing Super Mario- that was probably when mom put all the wrestlers in a yard sale. I know I spent hours saving that damn princess but, looking back, it was never as fun as dropping the big leg with my plastic Hulk Hogan- his legs even had a permanent bend in them so you could hit it perfectly.

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