Shout Out Saturday 01.12.2019

This weeks Shout Out Saturday is one of wrestling’s greatest faces and many of you have probably never even heard of him- JASON SAINT!

Awhile back, I was writing weekly “recaps” for a local wrestling show…basically just writing what happened for them to post on Facebook to get people interested and help build up the story lines. It was a way for folks who missed a show to still know what was going on so they wouldn’t lose interest and to get other people interested in checking it out. It lasted awhile and I became friends with several of the wrestlers…after some time, the place closed up shop and I moved on.

Many of the wrestlers were on my Facebook so I would check out their videos from other places they were wrestling and a guy caught my eye…maybe about a year ago or longer- this bigger guy with long blonde hair just yelling and running wild and getting in peoples faces. This guy is what the baby would be if Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan had a baby- running around, yelling but still pure evil like Kevin Sullivan was back in the days.

I watched a bunch of his videos, interviews, etc and he was just flat out entertaining so I followed his social media but didn’t think much more about it- an entertainer posting stuff to entertain me- awesome.

While I was doing the recaps for the wrestling show, I would hand out wrestling cards (through Commons4Kids) and it was the perfect set up but when that was over, I started having wrestling cards build up. By doing C4K for years, I understood that a lot of kids weren’t interested in wrestling so I didn’t want to give those cards to kids who didn’t want them- I tried to work with several local wrestlers and shows but it just never really took off.

Then I went to the big Half Price Books sale in Louisville, KY and there was the man- JASON F’N SAINT…buying discount horror movies right there by me! Now, I hate to be a mark but I had a fanboy momen, however, I didn’t want to bother him or seem like a weirdo- a 40 year old guy getting excited about seeing a local wrestler/manger just seems wacko.

On the way home, it hit me- this guy is big time, he goes to tons of shows in multiple states and probably is around hundreds of kids, if I could hook up with  him and get him the wrestling cards, he could get them to the kids who love wrestling. I sent him a Facebook messaged and told him what I was doing and he was on board 100%.

Long story short- he is now our wrestling guy- all of our wrestling cards go to him and he gets them to excited kids. I’ve met him and he’s just a cool guy.

I highly suggest you check him out and if you ever get the chance to see him live- DO NOT MISS IT- because you will be paying a lot more when he is yelling in Vince McMahon’s face in the near future.

Check him out here-

Jason Saint Facebook

Jason Saint Twitter

Jason Saint Instagram

Jason Saint YouTube

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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