Fat Tuesday 01.15.2019

And another week of 2019 is officially gone…it’s time for Fat Tuesday!!!

You know, weight loss is a really weird thing to go through and unless you have struggled for years and had some success and a ton of failures, you won’t really ever understand the ups and downs. You look at my pics now and you can see the 135 lbs difference instantly but it’s been a lifetime of struggle to get where I am right now.

Tuesdays are my official weigh in and it’s that way on purpose- 2019 started on a Tuesday and it gives me more accountability to not go crazy over the weekend.

It seems I’ve broken the “cheat every weekend” cycle because I’ve made it through two weekends successfully. With that said, it seems weekends are just going to be my issue for the rest of my life- even without cheating, I still gained as much as 5 lbs and I’m not 100% sure how I did it. Could be that the new low carb tortillas we found didn’t work well with me and caused me to retain some water weight, could be diet soda, could be the NOT doing the IF on the weekends..who knows?

I’ll make a few changes here and there- I really think I need to focus on doing IF all 7 days, not just the weekdays. Now that I have the cheating under control, I need to focus on that more. I got a little frustrated but I know that if I had gained that weight from cheating/carbs then it would take much longer to work off- it’s already almost gone.

The other thing about weight loss is the fluctuation in weight and how Sharketo works- you could not lose anything for a week or two and then drop 4 lbs overnight- that’s just how it works. (Google it for the exact science). I’ve learned to not focus on that number as much and not let it force me to give up…just see the number, adjust and continue forward. Even though the number isn’t changing too much, I’m wearing smaller clothes, working out harder and feel amazing and that is the overall goal really.

Finally…the actual weights are weird because you want a timeline- you don’t want to trick yourself into thinking you are gaining/losing more than you actually are. I ended 2018 early when I hit 305.4 lbs and then took 4 days off to end 2018 and my weight jumped to 321.8 lbs but that wasn’t true weight so I couldn’t really say I legitimately gained that weight. Over the first week of 2019, I dropped 10 lbs of that but if I look at that as actual weight loss, then my overall number would be 145 lbs but that isn’t true.

For the 2nd week of 2019, I dropped down to 307.8 lbs- down 3.6 lbs from last Tuesday- but again, that isn’t actual weight “loss”…it’s just getting me closer to that 305.4 lbs which was technically my starting point. Yes, it’s confusing but it flows correctly and doesn’t get me frustrated when the scale jumps up 15 lbs and doesn’t give me false hope when I lose 10 lbs in one week. I’ve been weighing almost daily for over a year now and I understand the ups and downs my weight goes through. I really thought I would be back to 305.4 lbs today but that little hiccup over the weekend slowed that down.

No biggie- adjust a few things and keep moving forward…I will get there eventually and I’d rather take an extra couple of weeks to get there than to give up and go back to 440 lbs. Even if my weight floats around 300-310 lbs for the rest of my life- it’s way better than 440 lbs and that is the positive that I’ve always got to accept.

I want to see 299 lbs soon and I think I will…I’m pushing to get there- just can’t let setbacks push me farther away from it.

Yesterday, while exercising, I saw my legs in the mirror and it was mind blowing how little they were…then I pulled my shorts up to see my thighs and I will DEFINITELY need skin removal surgery…I had no clue how bad they were or just how much fat I had lost in that area.

I think if I get down to around 260 lbs, I will start looking into the skin removal surgery- that would probably get rid of the last 20 lbs or so right there. I’m still trying to tone up with weights, etc because skin removal surgery is a last option.

Here’s to killing another week in 2019 and making this year my bitch…the same way I did 2018.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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