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We don’t really visit many places unless you consider Wal-Mart a place and we visit that almost daily.

The wife and I went to Myrtle Beach probably 15 years ago and it was fun- we’ve been to Gatlinburg a few times- Pittsburgh, St. Louis and places like that but not really places we will probably ever go to again.

We go to Louisville and Lexington a lot and it’s always fun to shop around but we are more into doing things once and not over and over again.

I love going to Target and Game Stop but I doubt that is really what we are talking about here.

We use to love to go to Logan’s Steakhouse because of those amazing rolls but we can’t have them on Sharketo so that is out as well. I do love Buffalo Wild Wings and most of their stuff is Sharketo friendly BUUUUTTTT it’s like $50 for both of us to eat and that is insane!

We’ve gone to a few Reds games here and there and those are always fun- been to some live WWE shoes, Disney on Ice, couple of Lady Gaga concerts and stuff like that- going to see Impractical Jokers in March- that should be amazing!

Other than random stuff like that, we spend a lot of time just hanging out at home playing video games or catching up on shows. We aren’t really the type to take vacations due to time off from work and money but we are thinking about trying to save up to hit Disney or maybe the beach again.

I am riding my first roller coaster ever on July 21st, so after that Kings Island may become a place we visit once or twice a year…who knows.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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