Fat Tuesday 01.22.2019

Nothing shows you that Sharketo works like a cheat day.

I made it 21 days without screwing up…I made it through 3 weekends (technically) but then last night I had my first screw up of 2019 and there is no reason why. I ended up snacking way too much on Monday, as we drove around shopping, and even though all of the snacks were “Sharketo friendly”, I really felt like I had over done it and all those 1 carb foods can really add up to knock you out of ketosis and I could sort of feel it- I felt bloated and I could just tell that I had went overboard. Once I realized that, my mind told me to just run with it and that is what I did.

Here is a breakdown-

A couple powdered donut holes that weren’t very good, so I only ate a couple.

A ton of Lave Cake Hersey Kisses- which were AMAZING.

Several Herseys Triple Chocolate cookies

3 pizzas of Pepperoni pizza and a couple of cheese sticks

That was it…it was basically a couple “cheat hours” and I’m right back on it- this will NOT turn into any more than just that. I got up at 5:30am (didn’t exercise) but got back into the routine of getting up early- shaved my head and all that. Walking during breaks/lunch and then pushing both exercise routines into one this afternoon- eating between 5:30 to 6:30 and then nothing again until Wednesday. Back up tomorrow morning at 5:30am for my fasted cardio and then back into the routine.

Making my 3rd Fat Tuesday YouTube video tonight to cover all this and then back at it- my wife works late tomorrow night so I think I’ll go with eggs for dinner to help push me back into ketosis faster.

The overall plan is to just get back into the routine and keep moving forward.

I had a really rough night trying to sleep, stomach hurt- tossed and turned. I feel like a ball of shit today- totally different from the uppity, motivated amazing feeling I’ve had all year long. I feel tired, run down, annoyed, aggravated and just a total 360 from where I was- that before feeling was being in ketosis and now- the after feelings is what I felt for decades of being 440 lbs! I had a rough time getting going this morning and even my energy drink couldn’t really kick start me.

It’s going to take a few days to get back into it- about 4 days to get that amazing feeling back and about a full week to work off the cheating and get back to where I was on the scale. It’s going to be a rough weekend but my wife works on Saturday which means I’ll be home and be able to focus on doing cards and getting some extra work outs in. Focus Sunday on a new Sharketo recipe and hopefully be able to get back where I was and still show a loss for January. I really wanted to be 299 lbs before 02.01.2019 and this screwed up may have pushed that back yet again…but I’m still fighting to get there.

Here’s to another week of trying to work off a screw up and climb back out of the hole I just dug.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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