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There are a couple things all teachers should do- things I saw as a student and things that I continue to see with my own son.

Teachers should teach the truth- I remember the shit I was taught about Columbus, slavery and history in general and I can tell you- it was all bullshit and the people who taught us knew it was bullshit.

Realize that those “good kids” are usually the pieces of shit doing the bullying. My bully from middle school was on the soccer team, made great grades and all the teachers loved him yet he spent a big part of his life making me miserable.

Pick up on those kids who don’t really have friends and try to help them and give them a little more attention- don’t just always try to be buddy/buddy with the rich kids or the popular kids- you are the fucking teacher- not there to build your social network.

I was one of those kids in school and I saw how teachers basically ignored me and other kids like me but continued to suck the dick of those kids with rich parents or higher popularity because they wanted to be “the cool teacher”. I see it now with my son- when we go to school events or I just pick him up from school- you see the same asshole type of kids that I went to school with and you see the same shy, lonely kids off by their selves. You can see how different the teachers greet the popular kids or kids with well-known parents compared to those shy kids or kids with parents who aren’t as well known.

Here’s something that may piss some folks off – as a bullied kid, I will tell you, those “great” kids that usually get shot in school shootings were the ones making life a living hell for the person doing the shootings. If I had access to guns when I was in middle school, I can’t really say what would have happened. I would walk home, a few miles, in storms or fucking blizzards just so I wouldn’t have to face that piece of shit that rode my bus. Sometimes school shootings are just fucked up people but a lot of times it’s the kids that are bullied by the “popular” kids and then realize that teachers aren’t going to help them because they are too worried about being cool to give a shit. They realize they have no other choice. I literally heard teachers say the same shit about the asshole that torment me- “he’s a great kid”…”he is friendly to everyone”…and it’s all bullshit.

So, it doesn’t matter what you teach, be a better person overall and learn what to watch for- if you are a teacher and have questions, ASK ME…as a former kid that got bullied I can tell you what to look for. Stop worrying about being the cool teacher and focus on the kids who actually need a friend.

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