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This is kind of a stupid question- most people would say stuff like – stop hunger, stop abuse, stop wars- end racism, sexism, poverty..etc. We all know what needs to change in the world so it’s not so much about how would I “like” to make the world a better place but “what are YOU doing to make the world a better place?”

It’s like the idea of prayer- why are you praying when you could actually be doing something?

I run Commons4Kids and I tell the world about it- we donate to charities, I did a “Sharky Santa” toy drive years before C4K. We do stuff to try to raise money, we “pay it forward” as much as possible. We’ve paid for someone in front of us or when someone doesn’t have enough to cover the groceries, my wife has stepped in and paid the difference.

We do all of this to make the world a better place and then I write about it to show the world that everyone can do something. I don’t do this stuff for a pat on the back, I tell the world because I’m tired of seeing all the negative shit and not enough of the positive. If all you see is the negative in the world, then the world becomes a negative place to you. There is plenty of positive stuff out there but too many people thinking you have to do it anomalously. Like, if you tell someone you did it, it takes away from what you did and that is bullshit.

The more you tell the world and share the positive you do- the more people see it and realize they can do it as well. If you never share the positive, then people only see the negative and they realize they can do that as well.

Find something you love (trading cards for me) and figure out a way to use that to make the world a better place. I fully understand that kids can’t eat trading cards or use trading cards for shelter (hmmm a trading card house? Make a note of that for future*). However, sometimes those can be sold to do JUST THAT or, sometimes, a kid in a children’s home, who has nothing, gets some trading cards and it helps them feel more like other kids and realize they aren’t forgotten.

Be the positive. Don’t wonder how you can make the world a better place but find ways.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness~~~~~shArky~~~~~

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