Back 2…

…giving a fuck.

It’s been a rough week- I’ve been sick, haven’t really slept- sneezed about 200 times, blown out about 5 gallons of snot and just felt absolutely terrible, tired, worn out and weak.

Needless to say- keto and weight loss hasn’t been high up on my list- comfort food and no exercise has put me in a bad place- when I get sick, I don’t really give a shit about anything…just feel bleh….

I even missed my 3rd Fat Tuesday YouTube update!

I do feel a little better today and plan on getting everything back on track and trying (ONCE AGAIN) to get back to where I was and hopefully move forward. I had gotten down to 304.2 lbs in January but I’m pretty sure this little situation has put me back up several pounds so hopefully I can recover January and break even. It’s hard to believe January 2019 is almost over and I’m again fighting just to break even.

I’ve got to make some major changes- I’m putting too much effort into just breaking even or losing a pound a month and there is just no excuse. I’m still over 300 lbs and should be dropping at least 10 lbs a month with ease!

I’m not really using being sick as an excuse but it is reality- I haven’t felt like or had the energy to do much of anything this week. There was no reason to eat unhealthy food but I felt like shit and wanted that instant “feel better” that sugar and bad food gives you…of course, along with that comes weight gain.

My wife has to work tomorrow so I’ll have a day to just hang around the house, take medicine, play some video games and hopefully use the weekend to fully recover so I can put the new game plan into action and start going the other way again.

I’m finally realizing that this is for life so taking a few “sick” days may set me back but it doesn’t end the journey- missing a couple workouts doesn’t mean I have to stop or go back to the old me.

Focusing on a more strict keto today and doing some light walking- maybe some light cardio tomorrow if I can get the snot to stop and back to 100 on Monday.

In closing, I know I post a lot of the same stuff about weight loss- usually my screw ups and ways to try to get back to where I need to be- remember- this is my world and a lot of the stuff I write is to just get it out of my head or a type of self-motivation to actually “see” what I need to be doing and what I’m doing wrong. If someone reads it and it helps- that’s awesome but I really want to show the full journey- all of the ups and downs…success and failures.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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