27 of 365

As a really young child, I wanted to be a musician and wrestle on the weekends. I wanted to make music (which I could never do…can’t even sing) and I wanted to be in the WWF on Saturday run around with Hulk Hogan. When my mom would go to bingo, I would put on wrestling shows with pillows and do amazing promos or put on concerts using the broom as a mic stand.

I was a fucking idiot and loved it and then stuff like RockBand came out and even adults could put on concerts with real mics instead of broomsticks.

I’m 40 years old and just bought a WWE Championship replica and plan to do an amazing promo in the next couple of weeks, which WILL be on YouTube because I honestly don’t care anymore…I’m doing shit I want- being and idiot and loving it!

When I become a teenager, I was like most teenagers and super horny and loved chubby girls with big boobs and fat asses…still do.

My only real dream, as a horny teenager, was to be married to a gorgeous chubby girl with big boobs and a fat ass and be able to just “do things” to her whenever I wanted…like grab said fat ass or see her naked in the shower- stuff horny teenagers think about…and BOOM…I have EXACTLY that. I say that shit all the time, probably so much that it’s lost any true meaning but I still feel the same way- my wife is the most perfect girl in the world and is EXACTLY the girl I wanted to grow up an marry. I can’t think of anything I would change.

SO- I married the girl I wanted to marry, still put on concerts and I’m going to film a kick ass promo soon….my life turned out EXACTLY how I imagined it…only better because I’m not in the projects, on welfare or still eating gov’ment cheese.

I become a kickass adult who also still plays video games.

Game of life- Won.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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