28 of 365

We like leaving next to quiet people who don’t really come over or bother us because we are pretty anti-social people- nothing personal neighbors- we just don’t like people- in general.

At our last house, we had some asshats that lived across the street- always outside, all hours of the night, yelling and fighting and shit. If we were ever out at the same time, they always tried to come over and chit chat and that is just NOT what we do.

On top of that- keep your yard clean- we sometimes let our grass get a little too tall but don’t have a junkie place with shit everywhere.

And, I personal, like living next to people who decorate for Christmas because I love lights and all that stuff so the more the better.

SO- don’t bother us, keep your yard free of shit and decorate for me at Christmas…and NO you can’t borrow any sugar- we keto bitch!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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