Different Shit

January is almost over and I’m not happy with where I am- at all.

I ended 2018 with several cheat days- worked my ass off for 3 weeks in January to get down to 304.2 lbs only to get sick and have several more cheat days which completely whipped out those 3 weeks of hard work and basically screwed January all to shit.

I’m still over 300 lbs and this is bullshit- I should easily be dropping 10 lbs or more a week and I’m sabotaging myself over and over again and I’m honestly tired of it.

Do you understand this shit…January 2019 is ALREADY almost over and I may be lucky to show a weight loss of 1 lb. and I’ve done this for almost 7 fucking months and I don’t understand why I keep doing it!!! I’m basically maintaining a weight of an average of about 305 lbs and have for several months.

What I’m doing is NOT working and not getting me where I want to be and I have a roller coaster date set for July 20th- period. Shit has to stop. So…how do you stop shit?

Do shit differently.

I mean, that doesn’t stop the shit…but if the shit changes then it’s different shit and hopefully better shit.

I mean, shit’s gotta change…you know…..shit!!!!!

I have tried to get this schedule into a routine for months and I keep failing and I keep telling myself I just can’t do it and I gotta stop that shit.

Starting TODAY- this is the schedule and I need to follow it if it kills me. I need to stay aware of it daily, force myself to stick to it DAILY and it will become a routine.

Getting back to basics of meat/veggies and going a little stricter on carbs/cheese/sf candy/diet pop. I can still have some of those things but I gotta watch going overboard on them.

Trying the 23/1 IF was just too strict and I couldn’t do it. If I don’t get up at 5:30am for my cardio/boxing then it will be added to my afternoon workout. This schedule is adaptable but shouldn’t be too hard to stick to it.

I feel better today and I need to get 2019 back on track because if it goes the way January has went, I will NOT be happy with the results.

Seriously…ONE cheat takes me a week or more to recover from and each day I screw up adds about another week and it’s just not making sense anymore. Nothing that I ate over those few cheat days was even that good and not even close to being worth it.

This shit is a daily struggle and I’m willing to just fight and restart every fucking day I have too until I get it workout out. #NeverGiveUp.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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